Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 18, 2010

Hey Everybody!

This has been an extremely full week with a lot of big things going on! I don't know where to start! How about I start with this... I'm moving! :-O We found out about transfers yesterday! I've been here in Aalborg now for 4 months, and I guess it's now time for a change. I'm moving to a city called Esbjerg. And no mom, it's not pronounced like 'Ez-buh- jerg' like you probably think. It's pronounced kinda like 'Ess- bee- air' It's at the very west side of Denmark. I'm going there with Elder Holladay. It will be exciting. I'm way sad that I'm gonna be leaving Aalborg though. It's kinda crazy how close I've grown to this area and the people here. I'm really gonna miss the families in the ward, but even more, I'm gonna miss some of our investigators here a ton! I think it wouldn't be so bad, but what makes it more sad is that Elder Christensen is leaving too! So two new missionaries that don't know the area or about our investigators are gonna take over. Well, so there is a bit of big news for you.
Other things from this week; Yesterday was my 6 month mark!!! Whoah! I'm already half of half of the way done! A couple of days ago was Elder Christensen's 1 year mark, so we had a big celebration. We went to an all you could eat Thai buffet. It was way good, but of course I ate way way to much! That's something that I'm starting to get used to as a missionary, always eating way too much..
On friday we went to Randers for a district activity! It was Randers Regnskov Round 3! It's always way cool going to the Rainforest. This time though it wasn't as good as the other times because it was so crowded. I don't know why it was so crowded! I saw the coolest animal that I've ever seen in my life though! I'll attach a pic.
Also, on last P Day we went to some members house and Jammed with them! It was way fun. He had an electric guitar and amp, so I was able to jam for the first time in 6 months!
Oh, I have a nice story for you! The other day, it was raining pretty hard, but it held up for awhile and we were walking down the sidewalk. Then, we saw a white van driving on the street toward us. As it got closer, it suddenly started to go really fast. So we were like, ok, whats up with this van, why is it speeding up? Well, just as it was passing us, it swerved into a big puddle right beside us and completely soaked us! But it was ok. Elder Christensen and I just laughed about it and looked at the bright side. We were just like, cool this is something exciting we can write home about! And we kept on walking.
Celina came back!!! And she brought her little girl, Vivi! We met with them at the church yesterday, and Vivi is so cute and so much fun! She is a little ball of energy! It's kinda funny cuz she can only speak Chinese, so she just assumed that we could understand her, and when we couldn't, she would just talk louder. Haha. I'm really bummed that I won't be able to get to know her more.
And I think the last thing that I'll mention about this week is we had interviews yesterday down in Ã…rhus. That was fun. Me and Hansen and Van Nevel all went to a bakery to celebrate our 6 month mark. We got a way amazing Danish pastry! Yum!
Yeah, that really was a crazy train ride. We haven't met with Jonas, the midnight train man, yet. We have an appointment with him tomorrow though! It'll probably be the last time that the two of us meet with him because we are leaving, but we'll tell him that a couple other good missionaries are coming and that they would love to keep talking with him.

That is cool that Dan, Doug, and Eric are all leaving in the next couple weeks! I'm excited for Dan and Eric to be joining me over here in Europe! And I can't remember where Doug is going, but I'm excited for all of them! I know how they are feeling right about now. There were a ton of feelings and emotions those last few days before leaving. It was tough at that time, but I'm glad that I now have a few months under my belt. They will never regret what they are doing.
Well, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Good luck with those bees at the condo! They don't stand a chance against the Lees! Have a good week! I'll talk to ya later!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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