Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our letter to Tyler

Hi Tyler!

This week will probably be shorter letters from both of us since we got to talk on Sunday. All I can say is that is was so great to talk to you and to see you! You look so good and seem very happy! I'm sorry I let a few tears out at the end. It's just a bit hard to know I won't get to do that again until Christmas! Please tell Elder and Sister Jepson thank you again from us for letting you use their computer! That was definitely the way to do it!

Camron is probably getting close to being in Japan soon. By the time you read this, I think he will be. So now he will pass you in the future. I'm sure he will have a great time. I'm not as worried about him coming home this time. But I was worried last year when he took off to the bathroom right when it was time to board the plane!

Tani is at her last soccer game of the year. It's been a crazy spring soccer season with this cold and stormy weather. I think she has only had one game in decent weather. But she has sure loved it. She has Tia excited about it now. So maybe they will both do it next time. It would be nice to see Tia do it and be involved in some kind of sport.

Today is Grandpa Ed's birthday. We spent Saturday with them for Mother's Day and dad's b-day. It was nice to be with them. We don't get down to Manti often enough. G and G are going to go to Californina with Jeremy, Heidi and Brielle next week. They will get to see cute little Brielle at Disneyland. That would be fun! I'm sure she will have lots of smiles there!

Andy Bradford ended up getting home Saturday night and he spoke in church on Sunday. He was full of smiles and seemed happy about his mission and happy about being home. His topic, (since it was Mother's Day), was "the women of Italy". He told of some neat stories from his mission and bore his testimony in Italian.

It was fun to talk to other missionary parents Sunday who had talked to their misssionary or were still looking forward to talking to them. Jerry Black was in the middle of transfers so he wasn't sure when he would even get to talk to his family. Saturday night they found out that they could call him Sunday morning. Jerry is now in Swahili. They said he was pretty excited because he is REALLY in Africa now! He said there are monkeys in his back yard! Cool, huh?!

In a few weeks we are hoping to get together with all the missionary parents in our ward and find out more about each of the missionaries. When we do that we will let you know how others are and where they are.

Well, I don't have much more news from our side. We are just so happy to have you serving your mission. We are happy that you have the chance to share your testimony with the wonderful people of Denmark! Thank you for your service and for your example to us! We appreciate the missionary spirit that comes to our lives because of your work!

We love you! Have a great week!

Love, Mom, Dad and the gang!

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