Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 15th, 2010


Sorry that you didn't get an email at the usual time this week. We were on splits yesterday in Herning. So today is our P day this week.
Well this has been a pretty good week! I'll start with our P day last week after emailing. We went to an Thai Restaurant that way way good! And then we went to a museum about Esbjerg. It was pretty cool. I milked a cow there. We also went to some statues of huge white guys that they have here! I don't kow what the point of them is, but they were really cool, and huge! I sent some pics for ya.
On Friday we went to Århus for monthly interviews. It was the last interview that I'll have with President Olausen!! He is leaving on the 2nd of July! Whoah! I'm sad that he is leaving. He has been a great mission president!
Church was good on Sunday! We had 4 investigators come, so that's really good! And something awesome happened in church too! In guest class, I translated the lesson for a guy! There is a guy in the ward from Ghana, and he doesn't speak Danish, so I translated the lesson into English for him. It was the first time that I've tried translating and it went pretty well! There were only a couple of times that I didn't understand what was said and had to make something up.
Then we had a couple of good working days, and then had splits yesterday. It was good. I got to be Elder Van Nevel's companion for a few hours, so that was awesome! It was cool seeing how much he's progressed since the mtc. We taught a couple lessons, and went contacting for a little while.
Hey here is something really cool that I've been hearing about over the past couple of weeks. Me and Elder Christensen, and the Jepsons were working a ton with two less active members in the ward up in Aalborg, Mia and Vivian. We spendt several hours over a few weeks doing service at there new little summer house/cabin thing. We got to know them really well, and become good friends with them. Anyway, the last week that I was in Aalborg, they came to church! AND, I've heard from the Jepsons that they have come every week since! AND, Mia was a heavy smoker, but she is now determined to quit, and she has been working on that! So that was really exciting to hear! We helped to re-activate Mia and Vivian! And that is just as good as a baptism!

Our investigators are doing good! Benjamin came to church again and he loved it! He was really excited that he participated in the discussion. He also came with us to an eating apointment with some members, and he enjoyed that. He is really getting to know some of the ward members and that is great. But, unfortunately we have found out that Benjamin is moving back to the Faroe Islands! :/ He is probably leaving in less than a month.
We haven't been able to teach those other investigators this week who I told you about last time. We had an appointment with Laila, but she burned us..
Yeah, those investigators that I mentioned are all Danish, except for Gollum. And Benjamin is from the Faroe Islands which basically a part of Denmark. He speaks Danish and everything. Yeah, there are a lot of Danish names that are similar or the same to English names, but they are mostly pronounced different. For example, Benjamin is pronounced like (Ben-Yuh-Meen) and Brian is prounounced like (Bree-in) Some other kinda popular names that are different than American names are, Jørn, Flemming, or Henrik.

Well that is the update with me, and my investigators.
I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better, Mom! That's grea that it didn't keep you down for too long! Hopefully your cough clears up soon too!
That is so cool that Scotty is waiting for his call now! I'm way excited to hear where he is gonna go!
So Tani and Tia are already working on a new play? Thats cool. That's cool how much they get into that and how much they enjoy it! And that's awesome that Tia got a line this time! Too bad I'll have to miss another one of their plays, but I know that they are gonna do great!
That seems way weird that Jansen is priest age now! I can't believe that he will be blessing sacrament and all! The kids have already grown up a ton, and I haven't even been gone for half the time yet!
Thank you for sending a package! I'm excited for it. Sorry Dad had to go buy a new capo. I'm pretty sure that we had 2 or 3 laying around the house, so even if Camron took one, there should've been one somewhere, but oh well. I'm looking forward to getting the package! Thanks!
Well, That's good for this week! Have a wonderful week, and I'll talk to ya later!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

ps. The World Cup is going on now, and it is HUGE here! When Denmark played, the city basically shut down! Denmark lost. Bummer

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