Friday, June 25, 2010

Hey sorry that you are getting my email a day late again. I know you are always excited for it Wednesday mornings. But we had Zone Conference yesterday, so thats why. I've had a pretty eventful week this week. Here's what happened:
First of all, on P Day last week we were interviewed and recorded for a tv program that is shown over Denmark! :-O How cool is that? There is a guy in the ward who has this tv show that shows 2 times a week, and he called us and asked us if we would be on it. So we said yeah, and we went over there and he asked us some questions and recorded us. It was a little nervewracking, speaking Danish for thousands of people! I hope I did alright. After we were done helping him, we got to use his projector. We watched The Lion King in Danish. For some reason, movies are just way funny in Danish.
Ok here is something else cool that happened this week. There was a baptism! A guy named Thomas Søgaard was baptized in Esbjerg. He is from Herning, but they don't have a font in the church there, so he came here. He was so excited for his baptism and it was so cool to see. The spirit was way strong, and it was just a great experience. There is also another baptism happening on this saturday! A little girl in the ward turned 8 and she's getting baptized. And they asked me and Elder Holladay to be the witnesses! I hope that I continue to see many more baptisms while I'm here in Denmark!
After the baptism we helped a family in the ward move. They were moving into an apartment that is on the top floor... of course... But after we helped them, they took us out to eat at a way good burger place. So it was worth lifting all that heavy furniture up 4 flights of stairs.
And then yesterday! We went to Århus for zone conference. It was President's last zone conference! And also the last time that I'll see him on my mission! Sad.. It was a really good zone conference though, and of course it was fun to see the other missionaries. Me and Elder Christensen talked a lot about all our good memories together in good ol' Aalborg. Oh we heard some great news about Mia and Vivian from the Jepsons! They have both been coming to church every week! And Mia who has smoked since she was 13 years old (She's 25 now) hasn't smoked a single cigarette in over a month! That made me so happy when I heard about that!
Also, yesterday was a Danish Holiday. It was Sankt Hans. I don't really understand the purpose of the holiday, but it was fun. We went to a park and they had booths set up, and a band playing. And then the highlight of the night, they burnt a witch. It was exciting.
There is one more thing that happened this week. We found out about transfers! We have a big transfer one month where everything gets switched up, and then a small transfer the next month where just a few changes are made. This month is small transfers but there is a change happening. Are you ready to hear about it? Well, I'm staying in Esbjerg, but Elder Holladay is leaving to be Zone Leader in Sjælland. So I'm getting a new comp. His name is Elder Camp, and he has only been out 2 months longer than me, so this is his first experience as senior companion. So that means that we are both fairly new still, and hopefully we are both ready.
Well, I think that is it for my weekly update.

Haha, about the toilet sign. We saw the sign and I was thinking, hey those big statues kinda look like they are on toilets. So I took the picture. Haha. They are way cool statues! They are HUGE! Haha, and I really like the cow one too! I don't remember if I told you in the last email, it was a fake cow.
I have a few pictures with this email too. The first one is Thomas, the guy who got baptized! He is the one on the right. the next one is me with the mission president and his wife. I'm gonna miss them! The next one is the burning of the witch, and the last one is a picture showing that it is past 10 at night and it is still daylight outside! (They use military time here)
Thanks for your pictures that you sent me! They really made me jealous! I like the ones of Tani and Tia in the sand!
Yeah, it was really cool being able to translate! It gave me a little bit more self confidence with wear I'm at with my Danish.
Dang it! I was excited to hear where Scotty is gonna be going! Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait one more week. I can imagine what he's thinking right about now!
No, I haven't recieved the package yet. I was hopeing that I would get it yesterday at zone conference, because they don't forward packages from the mission office, only letters. They give packages to us at zone conferences or interviews. So I think it is probably in Denmark now, but I just barely missed it. We have another in 2 weeks, and I could get it then, but I think I might just tell them to send it to me and charge me. Thanks for sending it! I'm really needing some of that stuff.
K, well I'm gonna get going. Have a wonderful week! I miss you!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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