Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bonus letter!

Hey again!
You get a bonus second letter this week! Well, it's not really a second letter, its just a continuation of the first one. I had some more stuff I wanted to say but we ran out of time because we were going to some members in the ward to help them with some yard work. We helped them chop some wood and stack it.
Anyway, it sounds like you had a ton of fun on the cruise! And there weren't too many things that went wrong this time. Other than a couple of people dropping dead. Thats sad.
You did a ton of way awesome things in Mexico! I think doing things with the locals like that would be the funnest way to go. It's cool getting to see the culture and everything from the real perspective of the people living there. Yeah, it probably wasn't the safest or most sanitary way to go, but you are all still alive. The zip lines sound way fun! That's cool that Tia was able to go on them and not freak out too much. She always seems to be reluctant about things like that, but when she actually tries it I think she has a lot of fun. I'm also way way jealous that you went parasailing!!! That is something that I've always wanted to try!
Well, I'm glad that you all had a fun time on your cruise! That is too bad that you got sick though. At least it came at the very end of the trip and didn't stop you from enjoying it. Is it still pretty bad? Hopefully you get well really soon, and you and Dad can finally start running again. Speaking of running, I've gotten my companion to start running. Would you ever think that I would be forcing someone else to run? Just so ya know, I still hate running. I don't think its fun at all. I just do it because I'm worried about all of this food that the members give us. I had to compromise with Elder Holladay though. We only run every other day.

I'm glad to hear that you recieved Chelsey's package. Sorry that I didn't send you anything. And yeah, I know that I didn't send anything for Jansen's birthday. I don't know how Camron found the time and money to send us all things! It cost nearly 30 bucks just to send that little package for Chelsey! So yeah, I probably won't be sending things to everyone for there birthdays, but I'll try to keep my eye out for some little things for everyone now and then, and I'll send them all at once.
You asked me a few questions so here's your answers;
Yup, I'm getting to know the members and investigators better. I told you about a few of them yesterday. Oh yeah, we also have an investigator named Gollum! How cool is that?!
Yeah, Elder Holladay has been serving here already for 3 months, so he knows the area pretty well.
President and Sister Olausen leave on the 2nd of July I think. It's crazy that the time for them to leave has come already! I'm gonna miss them a lot. They have been great. I have my last interview with him tomorrow, and there is one more zone conference before he leaves so that is the last time I'll see him here. Yeah they live in Utah. I think it's in Orem. I'm not sure when or where there homecoming is but I'll try to find out. The new mission president will be President Andersen. He is a Danish guy, so that will be really good for the mission I think. I have heard that he is a really great guy, but I've also heard that he will probably be a lot more strict than Pres Olausen has been. :/

One last thing I wanted to say before I go. Remember when we were talking on Skype and you asked me if there is anything I need or want? Well I told you I need more Gillette fusion razor things, and I want you to send my guitar capo. There is also one other thing that I really kinda need. It turns out that they don't have american style deodorant. They just have spray stuff, and I don't like that stuff. So want you to send me some good american rub on deodorant. Thanks. None of the gooey gel stuff or the powder junk. I want the speed stick good stuff. Thank you very much. And do you have any clue about when you might be sending stuff? Cuz just so you know, my stick of deodorant is on its very last leg, and the indicator strip on my last razor has long since faded. Just sayin.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful week. Bye bye

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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