Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 9,2010

Hey Family!!

Sounds like you had a great time on your cruise! You did a ton of way cool things, and of course I'm a bit jealous. I actually don't have too much time right now, because we are gonna go do some service soon, so I'm not gonna talk about the cruise stuff so much right now. But we might be able to get some more email time in tomorrow, and I can write a little more.
Here is a little update of what I did this week. First of all, we had a really fun district activity! We went to a beach and played 500 with a football for awhile. It was way fun on the beach cuz it was impossible to get hurt when you dive and stuff on the sand. Also had a barbeque on the beach! We bought some little one-time grill things, and brought all of the food, and had a nice little barbeque right there on the beach. I ate a ton of sand... It was still really good though.
Sunday was a good day. It was good going too church again and getting to know more of the people in the ward. I already really like this ward. Something funny, the bishop in the ward if from America. He was a missionary here and he married a Danish girl and moved here. But he has the worst American accent I have ever heard! It hurts to listen to him because his accent is so terrible. I've discovered that a bad American accent when speaking Danish is the ugliest accent ever. The bishop is a great guy though, and it is nice speaking with an American guy. In church I decided to bear my testimony because it was fast and testimony meeting, and I thought it would be good to kind of introduce myself to the ward and all. So I went up there and just quickly said a couple of things about myself and how long I've been in Denmark, and where I've served, and then bore a quick testimony. After church, everyone came up to me and they all said that I speak great Danish! That I have really good pronunciation (which is the hardest thing, and what I've been struggling with the most) And they told me that they couldn't even hear an accent! So that made me feel pretty good. I think they might be lying though.. Or they are just comparing me to the Bishop. Anyones pronunciation sounds good after listening to him. Haha.
Hmm what else has happened this week. Not really anything special. I watched Shark Tale in Danish. That was fun! I think it is even funnier in Danish.
That's about it for my week. And now that I've been here in Esbjerg for a couple weeks, I've got to meet an teach a lot of our investigators, and I wanted to tell you a bit about a couple of them. There is Brian. I think that he is a zombie! He is always leaning over and too the side and his arms always hang down in front of him, he has long hair that is always in his face, he walks way slow and with a limp, and he is partly handicapped so he just speaks in weird squeeling noises. I'm scared that he is gonna eat my brain! He is a great guy though, even though he sometimes scares the heck out of me! We taught him about the Word of Wisdom, and he wants to give it a shot. He smokes and drinks a ton so it will be way hard but that is great that he wants to change.
Then there is Laila. She is a sweet lady around 50 years old. We have a baptismal date with her on the Fourth of July! That's exciting! Hopefully it works out. I'm a little worried though about it because it is coming up quick, and she still hasn't been to church yet! And also she has burned us on a couple of appointments. She always has some excuse. But she loves the Book of Mormon, and she really wants to get baptized!
Maybe our most positive investigator right now is Benjamin. He is a great guy! He is like 30 years old. And he absolutly loves meeting with us because he says it makes him feel so good! He also loves the Book of Mormon and believes that its true. We read with him in it each time we are with him and he also reads on his own. He's almost done with 1st Nephi. We talked to him about baptism, and he said that he believes the church is true and he wants to get baptized sometime, but that it will take some time. He said maybe in about a year. So we said that it is up to him when he gets baptized, but that if the holy ghost tells him that it should be sooner, he should listen to it. He said he would.
One more investigator that I want to mention. Jørn! This guy is way cool! He is like 50 years old and he is just an awesome guy! He is an artist, so me and him get along really well. He showed me a bunch of his paintings, and I showed him some of my scratchboard drawings. He has been meeting with missionaries for several years, but he is just not willing to change some of his ways right now. :( So we are gonna get him to change!
Well there is a little about some of our investigators that we are teaching here in Esbjerg.
I don't have more time right now, but I'll try to write a bit more tomorrow if possible. See ya, and I hope you get feeling better soon, Mom!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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