Thursday, June 17, 2010

From your son who is not on a cruise with you.

I'm way jealous that you are on a cruise!!! I don't have a ton to say this week, but there are a couple things. First of all I have to tell you this. Chelsey's Birthday is on the 15. I put a package together and I went to the post office yesterday to send it to her, but I forgot her address, so I just sent it to you. So when It comes, don't open it, make sure you get it to her before or by the 15th. Thank you very much! I assume you will be back from your vacation by then.
Well, not much to report this week. My new companion is kinda a lame-O I haven't really been enjoying are companionship so much. I miss Elder Christensen, he was my favorite companion. But I'm liking this new area. It is a great place. It was great going to the new ward on sunday and getting to know some of the ward members!
Oh get this! We have an investigator named Brian, I'm pretty sure that he is a zombie! I'm serious! He is always hunched over, and kinda to the side, with his arms hanging down, He has long hair that is always all over his face, he walks way slow and with a limp, and also, he is partly retarded, so he just talks in weird squeeling noises... I'm scared that he will eat my brain.
Uh, one of the days this week we had 2 dinner appointments! Ugh... We had an eating appointment with some members and I ate a ton there, and then we went straight to another eating appointment and ate a ton more! It was no bueno. I felt pretty sick after that.
Here is something really sad but also kinda funny that happened. So the other day we were driving down the street. We have a car here. Anyway, we were just driving and a pigeon flew into the window and died! :-O It just slammed right into it, and I was like what the crap! and I turned around and there were feathers all over! Hahaha, I mean, poor bird... :(
Hmm, I'm trying to put picture attachments on this, but it's not working.. We are on different computers than usual, and I guess it won't let me, so I guess you don't get any this time. Sorry. But I'll send them next time. Today we are in Ã…rhus. That is why I am on a different computer than usual. We are here on splits. It was cool, I just went on splits with one of the new missionaries that just got here, so I had to step up and take charge. We went contacting and he seemed so impressed with my Danish and stuff, but to me I don't think I'm very good. It was nice hearing him speak his terrible Danish! Haha, I'm glad I'm not a noobie missionary any more! Tomorrow we are going on a district activity. It is gonna be really fun. We are going to a beach and we are gonna have a barbeque and play frisbee and football! That will be way fun!
Well, thats all there is for me to report about my week. Have fun on your cruise! If I don't hear from you this week it's ok, I'll just assume that you forgot all about me while you are having your adventures. See ya!

Love Elder Tyler Lee, your son that is not on the cruise with you.

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