Monday, July 26, 2010

July 20, 2010

Hey there! How is it going?! This has been a really great, fun, exciting, jam-packed week! Here's how it went! Last P-day, after we were done emailing, we went shopping and I got some new European style Jeans! I really liked my white ones but they are a little too flashy sometimes so I wanted another pair that wasn't so wild. Get this, Jeans here usually are so expensive. Like, over 100 bucks always. But, the ones that I found were just like 20 bucks! Oh yeah! After shopping for a bit, we went to the huge white dudes again. It was cool! It was really good weather, so we got some good pictures. Then we went to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. It was good, but ya know something weird, I don't think I like buffets any more. Yeah, the last few times I've been, I just haven't enjoyed it so much, cuz I feel so crappy when I eat so much, but I want to eat a lot to get my money's worth.
Well that was it for our P-Day. Also this week we have met with Benjamin a few times, and we have finished teaching him everything! We are done with all the commandments, and he is willing to live by them all! We made his baptismal program, and now all we have to do is review a couple lessons, he needs to get interviewed, and then it's the baptism! There is one problem though.... Last time we went to Ben's house, there was something different about him... He cut his hair, and it is the worst, ugliest hair that I have ever seen! That sounds mean, but it really is terrible. It is so uneven, and the sides are cut really really short, almost shaved, but there are random spots of long hair sticking out everywhere. It's just awful. We can only hope that it grows in better by his baptism.
Alright, yesterday was a super exciting day, and this is also why I didn't email you yesterday. It is because we had district meeting/interviews in Frederacia. It was the first interview that I've had with the new Mission Pres. And of course it was held completely in Danish. In our interview he told me some exciting news! Some HUGE news! It's about transfers next week! And some big changes are gonna happen! So, are you ready to hear the news?! Well, first of all, I'm leaving Esbjerg! :-O It seems like I just got here, but It's already been 2 months. Not only am I leaving Esbjerg, but I'm leaving Jylland and heading over to the big city! Yup, Copenhagen! Where I'm going is called Ballerup. It's a city about 10 miles outside of central Copenhagen! So things are gonna be a lot different than from out here in the country land. Guess what! That's not even all of the big news! There is more! He also told me who my new companion is gonna be, AND get this, I'm gonna be senior companion! Weird.. My new comp will be Elder Williamson. He has only been here for 2 months and is just finishing up getting trained. I really hope that I'm ready for this responsibility.
Well that is the big news. Things are gonna be way different.
Umm, the only other exciting thing that I can think about that we did is last night we went to Magnus and Erik's place. Magnus is an 18 year old recent convert and he is way awesome, and Erik is a member and they live together. They are both way cool and we get along way well. We went over there and played football with them for awhile and then played some Super Smash Bros with them. It was way fun.
K, well nothing else happened that I can think of.

Thanks for the fun pictures. I'll send you a bunch today! I hope you like them, they are pretty weird this week! Numbers 1, 2, and 3 are me with the huge white dudes. 3 is a nice modeling pose for you so you can see my new jeans. The next few are all, well, you can just see for yourself. :) then the last 3 are from our night last night with Erik and Magnus. Erik is in the white shirt, Magnus is in black.

That is neat that you were able to go to the temple with Scotty. I'm sure that was a great experience! His big day is coming up pretty quick. Before too long he'll be over here in Europe with me!
Whoah, that is so weird that Stacey Hatch is getting married! What the heck?!
Umm, well I have to get going. I'm glad that you like my letters. Honestly, I thought that I had been kinda slacking lately with them, but I'm glad you like them, and I'll keep em comin as long as you do.
Have a great week! I miss you!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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