Friday, July 2, 2010

June 30, 2010

Hey family!

I'm doing great!!! How are you? Yup, I got an email from Scotty! Romania! That's awesome! I told him that now we will both now languages that hardly anyone knows and that we will have no use for after our missions! I'm glad that he is coming over here to Europe with me. It's no Denmark, but still. I'm way excited for him, and I know that he is gonna be a great missionary. I can imagine how he is feeling right now, and the feelings that he will have as september 8th gets closer.
I can't believe that Edward got his call too! He's too young, what the heck?! I was thinking the other day, it has been over a year since I got my call! Weird!

Well first of all, I have some HUGE news to tell you!! Are you ready?! Here it is. Benjamin isn't moving back to the Faroe Islands!!! But wait there's more! He is getting baptized!!! :-O Whoooaaaaah! Can you believe that?! It's so exciting! He is getting baptized on August 1st! :D It was hard to set a baptismal date with him, but one day we were just like, ''Benjamin, do you believe that Joseph Smith was a Prophet?'' And he was like, ''Yes'' So we say, ''Do you believe that the Book of Mormon is true?'' ''Yes'' So we were like, ''Benjamin, you know the church is true, get baptized.'' So he was like, ''Yes, I want to'' :D So anyway, we set a date for the first of August, and ever since, he has just been so positive!! He wants to make sure that he is ready for his baptism. He is still having a hard time with smoking, but he has committed to be done with it within one week. He absolutely loves the church, and he came with to the baptism on saturday, and he loved it! He said he could feel the spirit so strong when the girl recieved the Holy Ghost. Oh, also he has told his parents, and they are fine with it! They say if it makes him happy than that is great! And his dad is gonna come all the way from the Faroe Islands to be at his baptism! Ah man, he is so excited! And so am I if you can't tell! This is my first real baptismal commitment that I've had yet! So maybe if you think about it, could you remember Benjamin in your prayers every once in awhile? That he will be able to stop smoking, and be ready for his baptism on August 1st. Tak skal du ha'! :)
Ok, so I mentioned that baptism. It was another great experience. I love baptisms! The little girl getting baptized was so cute, and she was so excited. It reminded me of Tia, when I baptized her.
Ok, well other than that big news with Benjamin, there isn't much to report about our investigators. Other than that Brian Hellman, the zombie, got a haircut. So he looks a little less like a zombie now.
We met with this lady, Camilla, she is from Lithuania, and she made us some Lithuanian food when we were there. It was the most disgusting thing that I've eaten in Denmark! (and maybe in my life) I don't even know what it was, and I don't know if I want to. It was rice with some nasty disgusting sauce that had some kind of gross plant in it, it wasn't like a vegitable plant, more like some weed plant. And then it had these nasty slimy creatures that had big vains in them that mad it impossible to cut them, and hard to chew. I don't know what they are, but it was so gross. And of course she dished up a huge portion of it.

Well, I have my new companion now! Elder Camp! This is our third day as comps so far, and its going really well. He is from St George, and he is dang tall! He said he's 6'6''! We get along well so far. It's a little bit tough teaching sometimes, because this is his first time as senior companion, and he has only been here two months more than me. Also, I know the area, and he doesn't so I've had to take charge. It seems basically like I am the senior companion. I think that our companionship is gonna be way good for both of us though. I think that I'm gonna progress a ton with Danish and everything, cuz I'll be forced to use it more. So I'm excited, and a little scared, I hope I'm ready.
Hmm, what else is going on with me... Oh, the World Cup has been going on for the past couple of weeks, and it is so big here! When Denmark played, the whole country basically shut down during the game. Denmark unfortunately didn't do too good though, they got out in the first round. It was actually the first time in history that Denmark didn't make it to the second round. Everyone was pretty sad after that.
Umm, we finally got the general conference Ensign. It has been good reading through the talks again, especially the one that I watched in Danish, and didn't get a ton out of. Well, I think that's all that there is for me to tell you about for this week.
Oh get this! Elder Dalton, my trainor, is going home in 2 days! :o

Alright. I didn't get your package yet, but it is in Denmark. It came the day after zone conference, so I don't get it until the next one, which is on the 7th. But I called the office and they said they have it, but they also told me that something broke or exploded in there and it's kinda a mess. Is there something you put in there that couldv'e exploded?
Yeah, I'm used to military time by now, its not that hard, but I'm not used to the metric system. I always have to convert everything to American style.
It was good hearing a bit from dad this time too! I liked hearing about when he was in a similar situation as me on his mission.
Well, I hope you have a great time during the 4th of July! My 4th of July is probably gonna be pretty boring and uneventful. I'm gonna get going though right now. Have a great week, and I'll talk to you later. I'm glad you like the pictures, I'll keep em comin. Here are a couple more.
The first is a picture of the world cup. This was the game that they played against japan, and lost.
Then there is a pic of Natasha Kjær and her dad. She was a cutie, and her dad reminds me a ton of Glen from 'The Ringer'
last is a view of my new home, Esberg.
See ya later!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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