Friday, July 9, 2010

July 9, 2010

I'm sorry that you are getting this email 2 days late! I feel bad when I write you late without letting you know. I didn't write you on wednesday because we had zone conference, and I didn't write you yesterday because we had a combined district activity. They were both way good. We drove over to Odense on tuesday night, and stayed there with the missionaries, and then on Thursday we went to zone conference. I got to meet the new Mission President and his family! President Andersen! He seems like a way good guy, and I think he'll make a great mission pres. And get this, he's Danish! So, the whole meeting was in Danish, and he said that mostly everything will be in Danish from now on. I think that it is gonna be way helpful, but I just have to say, I'm glad that I got a bit of a headstart before everything swithed to Danish. There is a sister missionary who was asked to do a musical number, and so she asked me if I would play the guitar for her. So of course I said ya. It was a song that I had never heard before, and I didn't even learn the song until the night before we performed it! But it ended up going really well, and it was fun performing! After Conference, we worked a little bit in Odense, and then stayed the night again. And then the next day was really fun! We had a combined district activity with Elder Christensen's District! We woke up and went to the church where we made some pancakes with buttermilk syrup, strawberries, and whipped cream, and then while we ate them we watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It was the first time that I had seen it, and I thought that it was way funny! After the movie we played some ping pong, foozeball, and pool for awhile and then went to a park. At the park we did something way cool. We rented some pedal boats and rode them around a pond! It was cool. The other missionaries were lame and got the boring red boats, but me and Elder Christensen decided to pay a little extra and get the swan boats! I'm glad we did, cuz it was way cooler than a boring red boat. Well, after we had enough with the boats, we set up a badminton net and played that for awhile, and through around a football. And then we returned home. It was a really fun day, but it completely wore me out, and I was so tired that evening!
Oh, I also have to tell you about last p day. We went to that aquarium, and it was pretty cool. We got to see all sorts of weird crazy fish, and we even touched some. I touched some little sharks, a sting ray, and a fat halibut. I was messin with an ugly fish, just like blocking him so he can't swim past, and shoving him around a little bit, and then the fish poked his head out of the water and spit on me! I didn't even know that fish could spit!
Well, that is all the fun that I've had in the past week. It was a pretty good week. The weather has been so warm in the past few weeks. It is so so so hot! But the worst part is that it is so humid here too! When we are walking around contacting, we get all sweaty and gross. There is also another problem with the hot weather too. I'm getting allergies way bad! I hate allergies, but I think that I get them here even worse than I did back home! My nose is always runny, and my eyes always itch really bad, and I sneeze at least a million times a day. :/
Here is an exciting story. So this morning I was out running. My companion doesn't like running, so every morning, I just run up and down the street in front of our apartment. Anyway, this morning, I had run a couple laps, and then these two guys walked past me. I didn't think anything of it, but then on my next lap when I turned around, these two guys were on the ground beating the crap out of each other! They just randomly and suddenly started fighting. So I was just like whoah, and stood back for awhile to see what happens, and they just kept fighting. Then a few people gathered around, and suddenly, the two stood up again, and walked away like good friends... What the heck? Anyway, about a minute after they left a police man drove up and started asking people questions, so I just went back inside. Weird.
Hmm, what else is there for me to tell you about? Uh, when I first came to Denmark, I started reading the Book of Mormon in Danish, and this morning I made it to Alma. So that's pretty exciting I guess. Its cool, cuz when I first started, I would have my Danish BOM and my English one, and I would read a verse in Danish and then English, but now I understand almost all of it, so I just read in Danish. I read out loud too, so it is really good pronounciation practice.
I guess the only other thing to tell about is the update with Benjamin. He is still doing great!!! Thank you for praying for him! He is doing pretty good with the word of wisdom, he still smokes a little but he is cutting down every day, and I really think he'll be able to do it. Yesterday he called us up, and he asked us if we could come over, so we went over there, and he asked us to give him a blessing to help him! So we gave him his first blessing, and he was happy about that.
Well, like I said, my new comp is 6'6''! He is dang tall! I feel like such a shorty next to him! He's from St George, and something interesting about his is that he sounds exactly like Brandon Stilson! His accent and his voice sound just like him! It's kinda weird sometimes. I don't really now what else to say about him. He is a good hardworking missionary, and our companionship is going well.
Oh yeah, at zone conference I got your package! Thanks! Yeah it was the chocolate that made the mess. They were melted everywhere and it got all over everything. So maybe thats not the best thing to put in a package. Thanks for the supplies though!
That is cool that you are gonna go to President Olauson's homecoming! You might see a few missionaries there also that new me. Like elder Dalton. I think he is gonna be there.
It sounds, and looks like you had a fun time with the fam at the 4th of July celebrations. I'm sure it was much more exciting than my day! All we did to celebrate was make some good burgers. Thanks for the pictures! It was really weird seeing Camron with a Goatee! What the heck?!
Ok so, I have a lot of pictures for you this time, so I'll explain them real quick. The first 5 are from the aquarium. Sorry, a couple of them are blurry, but they are me touching some ugly fishes. Then there is me and Elder Christensen in our swan peddal boat! And after that it's the other missionaries in there lame red boats. Next is a picture of me and Christensen in our matching ties. It's a bit old, but I thought you'd like the pic. Then there is finally a picture of Celina. It's about time that I sendt you a picture of her! And last but not least is a picture of us an Benjamin!
Well, I gotta go. I miss you a ton!! Love Elder Tyler Lee

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