Monday, December 6, 2010

Nov. 28, 2010

Hey!!! How are you all doing? I do hope to go to Odense someday, but I think that an Aalborg Christmas is going to be way awesome! I'm way excited to go back to Aalborg! I think it is going to be fun! It'll be fun to see all of the people that I met up there again, and be able to impress them a little bit with how my Danish has improved since that time. I'm also going to have some really good companions. Haha don't worry, I won't really kill any of my companions. Missionary lingo is kinda weird sometimes. Oh I found out that I don't actually leave til Saturday. We thought it was Wednesday, but I guess I have a couple extra days here. so you can send a package there and it'll get to me.

Bummer, too bad to hear about that BYU Utah game. Elder Klc was excited to hear that news. He is a huge Utah guy. But that is way fun to hear about the Jazz/Lakers game! Those Jazz are full of surprizes!! Why is it that they always have to get down by 20 points before they decide to start playing?

Guess what! I finished my knitted tie! Haha! And now I'm done knitting for awhile.. for reals this time. I've knitted my scarf and my tie, and that's good enough, so this time I'll take a break from it. My tie turned out alright. It's kinda funny, I wore it yesterday. It looks good from a distance, but then you get close up and it looks pretty tacky.
Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is such a great holiday! I bet it was fun having the family all together for some fun and food.
Thanksgiving here was way fun! I need to start from the beginning. Alright, so we woke up Thanksgiving morning, and at 10 we met at a field for some good American Football... In the snow! It was -2 degrees Celsius. I'm not sure what that is in Farenheit, but it's below freezing. But once we got going and running around it wasn't that bad. We just got into the game and forgot all about the cold weather. It was pretty slippery so everyone was falling all over the place. I was on blue team, and I was number 337, Haha. Can you guess why? We decided to play first to 10 and the winner was..... Blue team! Oh yeah. It was crazy, but way fun. I was sore for like 4 days afterwords. After the game we went back and showered and changed clothes and stuff and went to the church. We helped get ready for the Thanksgiving feast, and then at 3 oclock we ate! And ate and ate and ate... We had turkey and ham and mashed potatoe and stuffing and everything. It was way good, but I ate too much of course and didn't feel too good after. And the worst thing is that immediately after the meal we had the talent show. It went well though. I did two different acts in the show. The first was I played some guitar. And then for the finale, me and 3 other missionaries did a little dance... It was fun. I put both of the vids on facebook so you can see them. Don't make fun of me too much. It was a way fun Thanksgiving! Guess what! Next Thanksgiving I'll be home!
That was the highlight of the week. Yesterday was a way fun day too! I told you real quick in that short email that we went to a castle. It was way cool! It was the first castle that I've been to here. It was so huge and there was so much to see! I got a bunch of pictures but I already have way to much in this email so I'll send them next week.
Thanks for all of the pictures you sent. Those were fun! It was fun seeing everyone, and seeing how some people changing since I've been away. It's way weird seeing Brielle! I guess little kids like that grow a lot in one year. Tell Camron to get a haircut... Haha.
Well let me explain the pictures that I sent this time, there sure are a lot of them.
It has snowed sooo much!! We woke up one morning and there was like 2 feet of snow outside! The first picture is of our backyard covered in a ton of snow. #2 is me, it just kept snowing, #3-9 are of the football game. The pre game shot, we were all freezing at that point, blue team huddle, the coin toss, some nice action shots, a picture of Elder Valgren our first down mark, haha, and then a way funny picture of Elder Pullan getting hit in the face with the ball, hahaha. #10 and #11 are my blue team jersey, after the game so it's pretty dirty. Then I got some pictures of some cool graffiti in Copenhagen. #16 is my Thanksgiving meal (plate one) and finally the last two are of my knitted tie. Enjoy the pics! I've gotta split, so I'll talk to you later. Have a great week.

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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