Monday, December 13, 2010

Somebody broke into our apartment!!!

Hey there!!!

Somebody broke into our apartment!!! They kicked the door in and everything!!! Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you have had a good week! Thanks for the email and everything. I'm way excited to talk to you on Christmas too. It's gonna be a good day. We'll see the Jensens tonight and I'll ask them about skype and if we could use there computer. Hopefully that works out. Otherwise I think I'll get a calling card and I can just call. We'll plan on Christmas morning for you guys. And if it changes at all I'll definitely let you know.

It's good to hear that the one of my packages made it safe and sound! I always get worried sending things in the mail, I always just think, hmm what if it doesn't make it. But I'm glad that it made it there alright. I sent it the same day as yours, but it was a little smaller and it weighed less. It counted as a Maxi letter or something like that, but the other one was a package, so I assume that it takes a bit longer. You should recieve it any day. Sorry mom and dad, there isn't really much for you two in this. It is kind of targeted for the kids. Oh yeah, I totally forgot to tell you that I did get that little package from you awhile ago! Thank you so much! I got it on Thanksgiving. I really enjoyed the candy, it worked fine this time, nothing got destroyed in shipping. I haven't recieved the christmas package yet, but I hope it comes soon.

We survived the drive to Copenhagen and back. We faced nearly every driving hazard imaginable. On the drive there it was so sunny for the longest time and the sun was right in Ribble's eyes, and then when the sun left it randomly became way foggy so we still couldn't see. On the drive home there was a huge blizzard and so much snow and ice on the road. We slipped around a little bit but we were able to make it back in one piece.

Glad you liked the pictures. That castle was way cool! And it was huge!! Yup, we went with some of they sister missionaries in the area. They're cool. Sister Andersen is doing good. She is really happy that she isn't a noobie anymore. It's cool getting to see some of the awesome sights around Denmark. There are a lot of Danes that have never been to the places and sights that I've been.

Well anyway, I have had a good week. It is great to be here in Aalborg again. It has been kind of tough because we have been so busy with other things (the zone conference and stuff) that we haven't had much time to do regular work. We haven't been able to meet with many investigators. There aren't very many of the investigators here anymore that I taught last time. There are a lot that moved and some who were just no longer interested. But I have met with Sabrina a couple times. We had dinner with her one time. You probably don't remember me telling you, but when I first came to Denmark, Sabrina was the very first lesson we had. She was the first actual investigator that I taught. So I'm sure she has seen a big improvement with my danish since that first time.

I've been catching up with all of the people in the ward. We had an appointment with The Mathiesen family. They are the family with the little girl Melissa. She is so fun. She drew some more pictures for me and I attached one of them for you.

The zone conference was good. It was the whole mission that came so we all went to Copenhagen. We stayed in the Ballerup house for 2 nights. There were 16 missionaries there! Holy Cow, it was kind of crazy. I was lucky enough to snag a matress to sleep on, and also wake up early enough for a warm shower. At the zone conference there was a member of the quorum of the 70 that came. Elder Kapiska or something. I have no idea how it's spelled. It was good hearing from him. It was kind of funny because the way he talked it reminded me of the short guy on the princess bride. The one who says inconciveable all the time. I was just waiting for him to say it but he never did.

Friday was fun! We had a ward christmas party at the church. We sang some danish christmas songs and danced around the christmas tree. That is a tradition that they do in Denmark. We also did all sorts of activities and dances. I line danced with a 70 year old lady.. haha it was fun. Then the primary put on a performance. First they dressed up like elves and did some fun dances, and afterwords they acted out the nativity. It was really cute. Man I'm really loving the danish christmas food. It's so good!

Ok ok, I'll tell you what happened with the break in. Sorry to leave you hangin.. well I did it on purpose actually. :P You don't need to worry, I'm fine. So we came home after our Copenhagen trip and climbed up the stairs to the top floor where we live. The door was just opened. Elder Ribble was like, crap we left the door open for 3 days, but then we got closer and there were wood chips all over the ground and the door frame was completely destroyed. The lock had been completley kicked in. We went inside and looked around to see what they stole, but the funny thing is, they stole absolutely nothing! It doesn't make any sense. Both of us had ipods sitting right out in the open, we have big speakers, my guitar and all sorts of valuable things, but nothing was gone. The only thing that was different was a chair and the garbage can were both knocked over, and there was a pack of cigarettes on the floor in the bedroom. So I have no idea why the heck they broke in, and also why they didn't take anything. But I'm glad they didn't. We called some people and president told us to call the police office, so we did and they came over and checked it out. They didn't even do anything, they just said, that's weird they didn't take anything, and then they left. We had a guy come over and he fixed our door and lock for us, so we are pretty secure again.

Alright, now to the pictures. I usually edit them on paint, make the file size smaller and all. But we are on different computers than usual and they don't have paint so I just left them huge. Hopefully they work fine. The first is a cool light saber picture with elder Ribble, then there are 3 from the nativity performance, and the last one is me and Ribble in a mirror. It had a funny effect.

Have a wonderful week!! Thanks for a good email. Only one more email before I get to hear from you for real! :D See ya

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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