Monday, December 6, 2010

Dec. 6, 2010

Hey Everybody!

I got some new info about the christmas call. We found out that we can call home on any day between the 24th and the 30th. And we can also use skype if it's available or we can just call on the phone. So we'll have to figure it out, what day works best and all. I'm way excited to talk to everyone, and to recieve your package! Yup, that is the right address. And I will be sure to put my name on the mailbox today so I can actually recieve it. Also on that note, I sent a package off to you a couple days ago. So it should be there within the next two weeks. But there is also more than is in the package you will recieve. There was too much stuff for the box I had, but I sent a package to Chelsey too, right? Well, there was a lot of stuff and it didn't all fit in your box, so I put some of the gifts in her package. So you can go ahead and open the box(don't worry, the presents inside are individually wrapped so it won't ruin the surprize) And I told Chelsey to do the same and take the gifts with your names and get them delivered to y'all before christmas.
Anyway, back to everything else. I'm glad you liked my pictures! Yeah it was pretty cold out there in those shorts, but it was fun!
I'm back in Aalborg now!! Wooo! We had a long train ride that was kind of stressful. I had all my luggage and guitar and all, and we were about to miss our train so we had to run, and we barely caught it. There were a ton of people on the train and we had to just cram in there and stand with all my luggage for about an hour. But finally people started getting off, and we found a seat. After about 5 hours we were in good ol Aalborg. I feel bad for Elder Klc, he had to come all the way with and then go all the way back the same day!! They didn't get home until around midnight. It has been weird, but also awesome being back!! It is really great seeing all my old friends here! We went to church yesterday (of course) and I was able to see all of the people in the ward again and catch up with them. They all said that my Danish has really improved since last time. Well, I sure hope it has. There was one lady who said, ''hey you are good at danish now, you weren't very good last time'' ... haha, Ummm, thanks I guess.. I thought I was pretty good last time.
We went caroling a little bit last night. It's something we are going to do a little bit of during the holiday season. Because it can be kind of weird and annoying to talk to people on the street and knock on their doors when it is Christmas. So we try a new technique. We go with the senior missionary couple here and go to member's or investigator's houses, I bring my guitar, and we sing some christmas songs and share a little christmas message. It's a fun way to work with the members and our investigators. Oh, I needed a strap for my guitar, but I didn't have one so I made a little makeshift strap out of an old tie. haha. You asked how many people think we are crazy each day. Well, I'd say somewhere around 1,000 people each day. Haha just kidding. There are a lot of really friendly people who we talk with, but there are also a lot of grumpy people and people who just don't want to talk about that type of thing.
It's going great with Elder Ribble. He's a way fun missionary. It is obvious that he is pretty trunky, but that is understandable. He is going home in 12 days. Don't worry though, we aren't letting his trunkiness stop us. We still are getting work in. I think you misunderstood. Elder Van Nevel and the other one aren't here yet. It is just me and Elder Ribble, but since he leaves in a few days the other two will come. I'm not sure why they are sending 3 here.
I hope I go to Odense eventually too. That would be a bummer if I never get the chance to see them. Chances are that I won't serve in Odense, seeing as I have only one year left, and there are like 20 areas, and President has also said that he will keep missionairies in areas for like 6-8 months. But I hope that I at least get to meet them.
We have a mission conference on wednesday, so with that conference that means I get to travel all the way back to copenhagen and back. yay.. At least we will be driving this time. Hopefully we make it alright, there is still a lot of snow.

I have a ton of pictures for you again! This time most of them are from our trip to the castle last pday. It was such a cool place. I'm not going to describe each individual picture, you can just take a look at them. The two with the paintings, the first one is a classic french painting about a war, and then there was a danish artist who decided to make fun of it kind of with his own painting. So he painted one of Denmark. So if you were wondering what it's like in Denmark, that painting basically shows it all. The last three pictures aren't at the castle of course. There is a picture of our pomelo! The worlds largest citrus fruit. Oh yeah. We were at the store and we saw a sign that said they are the largest citrus fruit so we decided that we had to try one. So we did. :) I really liked it, but Klc didn't. It's kind of bitter like a grapefruit, but I thought it was pretty good. And HUGE. Then there is some sushi! Here's another story I need to tell you about. So remember Jennifer that I told you about who got baptized recently? Well she wanted to treat us to lunch as a going away present. And she went all out and got us sushi! She said she saw the video of me and remembered how I said I want to eat at that sushi place but don't have the money. So she took us there. We kept saying it was too much money but she insisted. It was way good! Anyway, the last picture is from last night caroling. That is Ribble, my new comp.
Well have a great week, ok. Can't wait to hear from you again!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

ps. I saw that video. That is awesome! Those are always fun.

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