Monday, September 26, 2011

Sept. 26, 2011

Hey Everybody!!
Thank you for all the great emails and all of the birthday wishes!!!! :D I can't believe that tomorrow is my birthday! It feels so weird to be turning 21! I'm getting so old! I'm excited though. I should have a really great birthday. I won't really do to much tomorrow to celebrate because we are really busy, but the next day Mia is going to through me a little bday party. Isn't that nice of her? It will be nice to have a little something because last birthday was really lame.

Whoah!! I never thought about this. In just a few days I'll be able to say I'm coming home next month! Weird! We are down to 8 weeks now. That will be done before we know it. There are six missionaries that go home in 2 weeks, and then me and my group will be the oldest in the mission. See ya soon! ;)

It sounds like everybody is doing good and that the girls are having fun as always with their plays. That's cool that I'll actually be able to see this next one.

Well there has been a little change in plans... A roadblock has come with Annie. :/ This last little while we have been working really hard to help her understand tithing, but she has had a problem with it. She has nothing against giving money to the church but she says that she won't be able to pay 10%. Because she has a daughter and grandson in California and family in Africa that she has to send money to each month to help them, and she doesn't think that she has enough to pay 10%. She said that she would be able to spend 500 kr a month and if the church won't accept that then she won't be baptized. She doesn't understand that it isn't about the money, but about the obedience and sacrifice. Anyway, she called us today and said that we are going to have to put off the baptism for now. She still loves the church and wants to come, but now she is just having some problems and the baptism will hopefully come later.

But at least we will still have a baptism in a few weeks. There is nothing that will stop Malin from getting baptized. She is doing so great! Even though she is getting a lot of crap from her parents and family, she is not letting it stop her because she knows it's true. The only thing that is a bummer though is that it is after transfers so I will most likely miss out on their wedding and I'll have to pay to come back for the baptism. Oh well it will be worth it.

We also hope that Ryan will keep moving forward. We were a little bummed yesterday at church because he told us that he was going to come but he never showed up.

So yeah this week has had it's ups and downs, but for the most part it was pretty good. Here is an up. The other day I bought a chocolate milk flavored slushy thing. It was so good! It was like hot chocolate, but it was freezing cold! (so I guess it really wasn't like hot chocolate at all..) I want another one right now.

This week we also went on splits to Horsens. I was able to be companions with the bald missionary, Elder Peterson. Haha. It was a pretty good splits. And when I was with Elder Camp we just talked about going home the whole time. He is in the group that is going home in 2 weeks.

Saturday was pretty cool. First of all we were able to meet with our investigator, Isabella again finally. It had been forever!!! She is doing pretty good. And then after that was fun. Do you remember those pictures of me and McCleary by that weird giant UFO-lookin statue thingie? Well on Saturday they had an open house thing for it, and we were able to actually go down inside of it! It was pretty cool. It seems so much bigger when you go inside of it! Don't you worry, I have some pictures of it.

Sunday was a good day, even though neither Ryan or Annie came to church. It was someone's birthday so we all had a delicious meal together after church. They had so much cake too. And then after we were finished with that we went over to Omar and Malin's place and hung out with them a bit and shared a message with them. I just love that family! By the way, it is the little boy, Lucas's birthday on Wednesday, the day after mine. It was funny, I told him that my BDay is the day before his and he got way mad and kept denying it, because he wanted his birthday to be before everybody elses. haha. We got him a coloring/activity book for his bday that we are hoping can keep him occupied during sacrament meeting.

I'm excited for this week because first of all it's my birthday! And we also have interviews and General Conference! I'm excited for conference! It's always cool because when I'm watching it I think that you all are doing the exact same thing.

I have a ton of pictures for you! Let me just tell you a little bit about them. So the first five are of us in OnePieces. We found these awesome One piece jumpsuit things at a store and had to try them on. They were cool, and they zip up all the way over the head. The problem though is that they are 200 dollars!! The next 5 are some of our recent card house creations. We are getting pretty good. Then the next 7 are from that giant space ship thing. And finally the last one is a giant disgusting spider that snuck into our house! It scared me so bad! It was so creepy! At first we tried to kill it by throwing a handfull of poppers at it, but that didn't work, it just made it mad, and it started running towards it, and it was SO fast! So we started yelling and hurried and crushed it with a newspaper.

Well I hope you have a great week! Thanks again for everything! And thanks for the birthday wishes! I miss you too!! See ya in no time!!!! :D
Love Elder Tyler Lee

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