Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hi Elder Lee!

Hi Tyler!

Here is it Tuesday night again! The Olympics finished up on Sunday. You asked about the Olympics. Apollo Ohno was lots of fun to watch. He ended up with 8 career medals. It will be interesting to see if he competes again in 2014. You mentioned that USA beat Canada in hockey. Well, they beat them to find the seeding, but in the long run Canada beat USA for the gold. Which is probably the way it should be since the Olympics were in Canada this year. It was fun to watch the USA four man bobsled team. They took the gold with a pilot from Utah.

Sorry to hear you have had such yucky weather! Two feet of new snow! Holy Cow! I hope you have been warm enough when you are out and about! It must have been pretty bad for church to be cancelled! I only remember one time that happened here. The snow drifts were so bad they couldn't get the parking lot cleared for people to get in.

So we have a question. You said that you sometimes split up so you can make more contacts. That is a little concerning to us. Are you within sight of each other when you split up? We are under the impression that missionaries should stay together. You haven't mentioned much about your companion. How are things going there? Do you guys have any idea of how long you will be together in that area? I guess your first transfer time will be coming up soon. It will be interesting to find out what comes next. It was neat to hear how you were able to talk to that contact so well. I'm sure you will have more and more of those kinds of experiences as the time goes on.

That is cool that Dan and Eric are both going to London! Do you know when either of them leave? Are they going into the MTC the same day? That's crazy! It would be fun if someone from here gets called to Denmark while you are there.

So Jamie had her baby girl! She had her the same morning we heard from you. She was born the 24th. She is sure a little cutie! Jamie and Mark are very happy to have her here! Susan has been with them since the baby was a day old. I think Steve was coming today. They are pretty happy to be grandma and grandpa!

We have new hometeachers. Brother Morgan Fife and Garrett Nielsen. They came for the first time on Sunday. It was nice to have them here. Garrett is preparing to go on a mission himself! He is planning to send papers in around September. That's pretty exciting, huh?!

Sunday was Kasen Graff's farewell. We talked to him on Saturday at Jansen's basketball game. He is seeming pretty excited to get going! He doesn't go into the MTC until next week. His farewell was this Sunday because of fast Sunday next week. I wonder if he will drop his plate at his first meal? Aren't you glad that part of your mission is over? I'm glad it's not us saying goodbye next week! It's good to have that part over too!

I guess you have heard about the earthquake in Chille. That is where Lyle Measom served. And I think it's where Doug Miller is going. I need to talk to Laite and find out when he heads out. It's probably quite concerning to Lyle as he tries to find out how all of his friends are doing.

I guess I'll go for now. I hope you are seeing some sunshine. Have a great week!

Love ya!

Love, Mom, Dad and the gang!

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