Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dec. 19, 2010


Well, saturday is Christmas! I can't wait! Last Christmas was pretty lame, so I need to make this one extra good! And I'm sure it will be! So I don't forget I'll tell you the info right now. We have it all figured out with the Ægtepar. They said that we can use their computer for it. . Send them a message or something to make sure it works. The plan is that My turn is around 5 or 6. So that would be around 9 or 10 am christmas morning for you. Sound good? It could also vary a little bit, so just have the computer ready to go. I am way excited!
Well, That's crazy that the Provo Tabernacle burned down! I wonder what happened?! That picture of Jesus is crazy!
Well, I have my new companions now. Elder Van Nevel and Elder Greenhalgh. They are both pretty cool! It was tough saying bye to Elder Ribble. It was too bad that we only had 2 weeks together. We took a train down to Odense and stayed with the missionaries there. We went to a burger place called Bull. It was so good. The second best burger I've had in Denmark, right after Hard Rock. Then the next day was a training meeting. It was good for the first half, but then as always, the second half is just me trying to stay awake. It went from 10 to 5 with a one our lunch break in between. After it was done we all headed back to Aalborg. We didn't get back until midnight. Oh guess what! Ribble was supposed to fly home on saturday, but his flight was cancelled because of all the snow!! And then they cancelled a few more flights, and he won't be able to fly until Wednesday or even later than that! I'm sure he is a little anxious to get home. That would be tough.
There is a ton of snow!! I think it's funny that everyone here tells me that it usually doesn't snow in Denmark until January. I just happen to be in Denmark for the 2 worst winters ever!
We have been doing a lot of caroling lately. It has been really fun. We are lucky enough to have 5 missionaries here, us 3 and the senior couple, so we basically have a full choir here! The members who we have visited have really enjoyed it. Hopefully we are able to spread a bit of chrismas cheer.
We haven't really been able to work much with our investigators these past couple of weeks because of the holidays. They are all on vacation or just way too busy. But hopefully it will pick back up again after new years. In the meantime we will just focus on working with the great members of the ward!
We have so many eating appointments coming up this week! Everyone wants a piece of the missionaries! I am a little worried about all of the food that I'll be eating.. I'm also recieved a ton of sweets from everyone.
Thanks for your package!!! I have recieved it. Some are those hints are pretty funny! It's kind of funny, I think you and Chelsey must have used the same website or something because she did the same thing. I'm excited to open all my presents! It has been so hard to wait! I don't know if I'll make it til Christmas Eve.. ok ok, I'll wait. That's weird that you haven't gotten the package I sent yet. I sent it the same day as Chelsey's, but hers was smaller. They said that the last day to send it to make it before christmas was the 8th and I sent it before that, so it better get there in the next couple days.
I'll go ahead and tell you about my pictures. The first one is me holding the biggest piece of chocolate that I have ever seen in my life! It was HUGE!!! next is a Santa sighting! I think he is going to McDonalds. That explains why he is so fat. I think that picture is way cool because for some reason everything is kind of blurry except for Santa. He is in focus. third is me and Ribble saying goodbye.
I'm going to get going. We have a lot of plans for today. We are going to Ikea (the largest one in all of scandinavia) We are also going to a firework factory, and some other stores around there. It should be fun. Well, have a fantastic week! I am super excited to talk to you on Saturday! That's in 5 days!! Talk to ya then!!!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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