Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan. 3, 2011

Hey Y'all!

I'm doing great! How are you? Mondays are great!! There is no better way to start off the week then with some nice emails! Thanks!
I'm glad that you had a good New Years! Sounds like you had some fun. New Years in America is just not nearly as big as it is here in Denmark. Let me tell you about my New Year's Eve! It was awesome! So anyway, we went to some people in the ward, Benny and Ane-lise Kristensen. She is a gourmet cook and she made such amazing food. When she serves it, it all looks so pretty that I don't want to eat it. I don't remember if I told you this before, one time I had an eating appointment with her and she served a dessert that had real gold flakes on it. So I ate gold. This time it was some really good meat. Cooked rare, just how it should be. And a whole bunch of other stuff, salads and potatoes and all. Mmmm it was good. We also watched the Queen's speech. Each year the Queen comes on tv and gives a little new years speech. The rest of the night we played some fun games, and did another 'white elephant' type gift exchange. This time I ended up with some good chocolates. Then midnight finally rolled around and it got really exciting. In Denmark they launch fireworks at midnight, and I gotta say, our fireworks in America sure are lame.. There were fireworks in every direction, it was crazy! I got some cool videos but guess what.. I left my camera at our appartment.. I'll show you sometime. The weirdest part of the night was after we had had enough of the fireworks, we came back inside and they served us another meal. At 1 am! It was way good, but I really didn't want to be eating at that time.

The rest of this week was fun! On tuesday we had a little christmas party thing with the mission. We all met together and had some food and games. They even brought a Wii along and I got to play the newest Mariokart game for a bit. It was fun.
Saturday was really cool! We went with the Jensens up the the tip top of Denmark, Skagen. I've been there a couple times before, but this time was really cool because it was way windy, and the waves were a lot bigger. We also went on a hike through the woods and to the ocean. The path was completely frozen! It was straight ice! It was so slippery but I managed to survive without falling. Elder Greenhalgh was the only on who actually fell down. We found a big frog there. The little guy couldn't even hop, it was so cold. It just crawled it's way across the ice. Poor guy.

Other than that not much happened. I am glad that the holidays are over. They were fun and all, but now we can get back to work. Most of our investigators were on vacation or just told us to wait until after the holidays. And so yesterday we called a ton of people and they are ready to start meeting with us again! I called Celina, remember her? She was the most positive person when I was here last time, but she had slacked off and hasn't been meeting with missionaries anymore. But she was really excited to hear that I had come back to Aalborg, and she really wants to meet with us again! I also talked to her little daughter on the phone, she is a cutie. Last time I saw her she could only speak Chinese, but in the past 6 months she has learned Danish! Cool huh. I'm really excited to see both of them again.

Oh I thought of something we have been doing lately. Basically just being ninjas.. We throw cards across the room at a candle and hit the flame out. It's probably the most ninja thing I have ever done. Oh besides this one time I was sleeping, well trying to, and a stupid fly kept buzzing past my face, so I open my eyes and right at that same moment the fly flew past in front of me. So I quickly reached out my hand and caught the fly in my hand. I then crushed it and went back to sleep. That is a random story... Anyway, I got some videos of us throwing the cards at the candles. I'll show you sometime.

Thanks for the pictures! It's always fun seeing pictures of you all and the things you have been up to. :)
I had a lot of pictures for you, and some videos, but I forgot my camera.. :( So you are just going to have to wait.
Well have fun getting back to real life, with school and work and all. I can't wait to see you later this year! It is so weird that it is 2011! Where did 2010 go?! I have been in Denmark for an entire year (almost). See ya soon!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Oh yeah, you asked about the family I had Christmas with, The Klitgaards. I don't know their email, but I can find out. Yeah they speak English. The dad served his mission in Provo, so he is way good. He loved it and they are basically half american now.

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