Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jan. 23, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Yeah things are going ok. Honestly though, I don't want to stay here in this area very long. Sounds exactly like the place dad described on his mission. Work here is just really tough. We find out of what will happen with transfers on friday, and transfers are on tuesday or wednesday. Some of the other missionaries and I filled out transfer brackets.. haha. We made our predictions for where everyone is going. It's a little competition we started up. My prediction for me is that I'm going to Randers with Elder Tolman.
Yeah it is weird with not so many people at church. This week there were even less, probably like 20. Our Branch President is imported from another ward. He and his wife travel 2 hours each sunday to be here. Oh wanna hear something funny? Our ward chorister is deaf! Hahahaha. I think it's kind of ironic. Anyway, on that note, I am now officially the ward pianist. I played for sacrement meeting again, but this time it was much better than last time. I was able to go down to the church a couple times throughout the week and practice the songs, so this time I could actually play both hands. My talk turned out pretty good I guess. I actually went over time on accident and cut into the next speakers time. It ended up being around 20 minutes long. I talked about pretty much the same thing I talked about for my farewell talk. I just translated that into Danish and changed some parts of it.
After Church we had a ward lunch thing where we all stayed after church and ate together. While they were preparing the food I was just messing around on the keyboard and impressing the kids. I switched it to drums and impressed them with some drum beats, and played some other fancy stuff. This one kid kept telling me to play Eddie Murphy. haha It turns out he meant that Crazy Frog song. The food was good, it was funny, the guy from ballerup, Lars Paulsen was there again today and he brought some cake in after the meal, and one of the kids yells out ''Hey everybody, the Dentist brought cake!'' Haha.
Works going ok. We had our district leader over and his comp for splits, and we got a lot of lessons in. We decided later to take a break from knocking, and did some less active work instead this week. We were able to meet with a whole bunch of less active members and get to know them.
Wow, mom! Congrats on the race!! Thats cool. I still think you and dad are crazy and don't think that I will ever enjoy running. I think I am going to try to start running again after this transfer. The snow is all melted and it is getting a little warmer.
Thats a bummer hearing about the Jazz. You never know what to expect with them. Hopefully they will pick it up, and stop messing around!
Glad you liked the pics. It was great seeing some more of you all. Some people are really starting to change. It's crazy there are so many swans there! I have no idea why there are so many there, but It's cool. I have a few more for you. The first 2 are us/me in front of a huge weird statue that's by our house. I'm not exactly sure what it is supposed to be, I think its a bee. Then I have a new swan picture for you. There were even more, and this time it was daylight so I had to get more pictures. Number 4 is of our Church/our Apartment. I guess I'll get going. Have a super amazing week. I miss you, and I'll see ya soon! Just 10 fast sundays.

Love Elder Tyler Lee.

Hey Tia!
What up sis? Thanks for deciding to jump on the computer and write a quick hello. It was fun hearing from you. :) I'm glad to hear that you are having a fun time with school and with your play and everything. I'm sad that I can't be there to see it. Oh well, maybe next time. Are you seriously in 4th grade already? And already half way through the school year? What the heck?! How did that happen? You are an old lady. Too bad you can't do the I need a vacation play. That was always a favorite of everyone. That Mountain Man Beaver Pelt thing sounds fun though. That is way impressive, 700 pelts! Wow. So what to you get to do with the pelts? Do you get to buy stuff at the end of the activity or something?
Well, I miss you a ton. There are a bunch of little girls that I play with in the different wards here and they always remind me of you. I'm excited to see you again in less than 10 months and give you a big hug!
Love Tyler.

Hey Sis!
Yo, Tani! Thanks for the little email. It's always great hearing from you. :) I'm glad to hear that you have it quite spectacular. That is so cool that you are getting so involved with all that drama and play stuff. I think it's great that you got such a big part. Good luck memorizing all your lines and all. I'm sure you will do great. I wish I could see it.
I listened to that Chopin song. That is way crazy. That will be really impressive if you can learn that, and I'm sure you will be able to.
Nice! Church ball was always my favorite! It is way fun. I didn't even know we had a girls team. Congrats, our ward always seemed to have the best players around.
Sorry I don't have more time right now. Keep enjoying school and everything. I miss you! I'll see ya in a few months. :)
Love Tyler.

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