Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan. 4, 2011

Hi again!

We went to FHE last night and that means that we had to take an hour out of our Pday and that means that we get an extra hour today of computer time and that means that you get an email from me two days in a row. ;) But this one is basically just to send you the pictures that I meant to send you yesterday. I'll go ahead and tell you about them.
So first is me on New Year's Eve wearing a some cool glasses and an awesome hat. Then the rest are from our trip to the north. There isn't much explaining that needs to be done about them. The last one is pretty cool. It is the path from the hike that we did. The path was completely frozen. The whole thing was just a chunk of ice. Anyway, there are the pics. Enjoy :)

See ya later.

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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