Monday, January 17, 2011

Jan.17, 2011 Things are going better now


Things are going better now. I'm getting used to this new place. I'm still kinda bummed about all this, but I've now seen the little branch and got to meet some of the people. There have also been some good things happening work wise the past couple days, so I'm thinkin that I'll be able to get used to it and it will be fine. Thanks for your emails.
Oh yeah, so Nykøbing is prounounced kinda like ''new-koob-ing'' Go to google translate type it in, there is a button that lets you listen to how it's said. So you can hear it in a robot voice. It's funny that you have no idea how Danish is pronounced or anything. Haha, because for me it's just natural now, and I forget sometimes that all you people back home don't know it. :P Let me tell you a bit about what has happened so far here. We have one investigator, yeah only one... So we have spent a lot of time trying to find new people, knocking on a lot of doors. And we have had some success. We taught a few lessons and got a couple of phone numbers. There is this kid, Daniel, like 20ish, he seemed really cool and said we can come over again and tell him more. And there is also this girl, Steffanie. It's funny, before we knocked on her door we could hear the radio on really loud inside and she was singing along. Anyway she let us come inside, which almost never happens the first time you meet them. She is probably 25ish, and she is a way believing person. She had her bible opened up on her table. We had a nice chat with her about religion and she was really interested in the book of mormon, so we gave her one. I'm excited to go back there and see what happens.
The weather is getting warmer. Most of the snow has melted and it has rained the last few days. We have a car, but the problem is, we have no gas. The missionary before used up most of our gas money because he had to drive to copenhagen and back a couple times because of his back problems. So even though we have a car, we have been walking around most the time.
Church yesterday was... Interesting. It was way different than what I've ever experienced. There came about twice as many people as there usually is, and there still were not very many at all, maybe 30. It was cool because a family that I know really well from Ballerup was there visiting so I got to catch up with them. Listen to this, the ipod wasn't working for some reason, so they said that they would just have to sing without music, so I decided to volunteer and play the right hand. So without any practice I went and sight read the music. It turned out all right. I'm going to practice though during the week so I'll be ready for the songs next week. Oh, I was also assigned to give a talk next week... 10-15 minutes in Danish. Wish me luck.
Yesterday after church we visited a less active lady and her daughter. They were so much fun! Little kids are great! The little girl was named Isebella. She's 9 years old. For most of the time I just let Elder Poulsen talk to the mom, and I just played with Isebella. :) She showed me all of her toys and told me all sorts of stories about school and everything. And then we made paper frogs together and she colored them for me. It was way fun. Hopefully we can help them come back to the church.
Tonight is going to be exciting... We ran into this guy on the street the other day, Ronald Smith Jr... He is an interesting guy.. He told us all about how he used to be a member of the church but than he was excommunicated, but he still does all of the things that mormons do. He holds his own sacrament meeting at his house every week. Anyway we have an appointment with him tonight.
Oh yeah, zone conference was good. It was nice seeing all the people from Sjælland zone again. They seemed happy to have me back. I gave the cactus to Williamson and it was a big hit. Everyone thought it was so awesome. Haha. It even made it into the zone conference picture, so you will be able to see it in the next banner. Yeah, president and his family are doing good. They talked a bit more about what happened, and he talked about how thankful he is to have a knowledge and testimony about the plan of salvation.
Let me tell you a bit about my pictures today. The first one is of the 2 paper frogs that I got from Isebella. :) Then these next few are crazy. We were walking somewhere and we turned a corner, and all of a sudden there were TONS of swans! Ya know how there are usually only like 2 or 3 in a pond? Well there must have been 50 swans here. I couldn't even get a good picture of all of them because there were so many. Then I've got a picture of my new shoes. I have a nice brown tie that matches the shoes exactly. The last 3.. Remember that time I sent you a picture of me playing giant solitaire? Well I bought some cards that are even BIGGER! So here is real giant solitaire. We also made a big house of cards. You can also see my freshly cut hair. Ya know, any card game is 10 times funner when played with giant cards. haha. Anyway, those are my pictures.
Ok hopefully I'm not forgetting anything that I wanted to tell you. I probably am, I usually do. Oh well. I hope you have an amazing week. See ya in 10 months! ;)

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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