Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nov. 14, 2010

Hey everyone!!

How's it going?! I hope you are having a good week!
That is a great CD! Haha, and it was fun making. I think it would be fun to record another one of those when I get home. Ya know what, I have that cd on my ipod so I have also brought out the christmas music. My comps have thought it is way cool that my family did that.
That is still weird that Elder Clayton is back home. That was probably fun to see him again, and hear his homecoming talk. That's cool that he was able to really relate to that guy because of his love of basketball!
Yeah I know that Merrick kid, that is cool that he is going on a mission. And to Guam! thats awesome
Congrats with the Primary Program! Those are always fun to see! Did Tia have a talk or anything, or just a regular part?
Andrew is home already?! Whoah! So now who is the next on the list?
I told you last time I thought. Transfers are on the first of december and we will find out about them probably a week before. I don't know if I'll leave, but I think I probably will. I'll tell you as soon as I find out so that you will know where to send a package. I wish I could stay here for Christmas! I think it would be so awesome to spend Christmas with the Olsens! They are a great family. I talked to Hanne yesterday at church and she told me that Morten told her about the cookies and that he was really glad for that. She is fun, she is always keeping me updated with how Morten is doing.
The Jazz are awesome!! Klc said that all of those games they came back from behind in double digits to win it in the 4th quarter! That's way cool! Those must be some exciting games to watch! The Jazz seem to like giving the fans a little scare before winning the game!
Cool! Congrats to Camron! I wish him the best of luck with that! That's awesome that he has already come that far in it, and that would be really cool if he won the whole thing!
I read a fun story from my HC Andersen book the other day. It was the Ugly Duckling. Some of his stories are pretty brutal! Like in the Ugly Duckling, the ugly little guy got thrown out of the group so he was out looking for someone that would except him. Well, everyone just said he is ugly and they didn't want anything to do with him, but then there are 2 wild geese that run into him. They say; Hey man, you are way ugly, but we like you alright, Come on, you can roll with us. So the ugly duckling is all excited that someone is finally excepting him, AND THEN randomly the two wild geese both get shot!!! Hahaha, what the heck?!

Well I told you a couple of the things that happened this week, but there really isn't much more. It was kind of a boring uneventful week. Last pday we went to Copenhagen and tried to find some Christmas Presents. I was able to find a couple of things for the siblings, I also bought some really good extra dark chocolate for myself! That was way good, dark chocolate is the best! When we were in Copenhagen we also found this way awesome tie store! They had 3 big walls just completely covered in awesome ties! So I decided to get a couple of them. One of them is pretty funny, it's a tie with pictures of how to tie a tie on it. I'll sent you a picture of it.
Also this week we had another specialized training meeting. It was pretty good. I showed of my how-to-tie-a-tie tie and everyone seemed to like it.
Today should be really fun! We are going to that Experimentorium place in Copenhagen I told you about one time. It has all sorts of cool scientific stuff. So hopefully I'll have a few more pictures to send you next time.
I only have two pictures this time. The first one is of me and my cool new tie. And then the second one is my new planner. I don't think I told you, everytime I fill up my planner and get a new one, I decorate it. It makes planning a little more exciting. Anyway, with my new planner I decided to make it Christmas themed! It says ''are you ready for Christmas'' in danish. Don't ask me why santa has a pigeon on his head. haha.

Sorry that this email is kind of rushed. We don't have a ton of time. I love you and I'm excited for Christmas so I can talk with you all for a little while. Have a great week!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

PS, there was one more thing I wanted to ask for in a package, and it's actually something that I asked for before. I want a new guitar capo (the thing that you clamp on the neck) The one you sent me last time has been working fine, but it just takes forever to attach, and I am working on a song that I can perform for a zone confrence. It's that arrangement of come thou fount that I put together. Well in that song it has a quick key change and I need to be able to quickly clamp a capo on. I know that while I was there we had 2 of those black clampy capos, so there should be one. I would buy one here, but everything here is a ripoff.

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