Monday, November 8, 2010

Oct. 3, 2010

Hey everyone!!

Congratulations with your marathon!! That's crazy! It was the hottest one ever?! Wow! That's awesome that you two were able to make it, and without really any complications! It sounds like that condo has been a great investment. Why did you have to wait til a week after I left before you bought it? You said that one day I might run a marathon with you.. Don't count on it. I still hate running. That's fun that you were able to spend some time there with the family, and with the Green Beans. That choir was really good, thats cool that Tanner was in it. I saw one kid I know in it. Christopher Knudsen, my friend from high school.
Happy Birthday to Tia!! Now I guess you made it through our crazy month of Birthdays. I hope she had a super great day!

This has been a fun and exciting week! First of all, thanks for the Birthday present! I really like it. I decided to get me a new coat. It keeps me warm and it looks a lot better than that missionary mall thing I had.
One of the highlights of this week is of course getting my new companion! We went to Copenhagen and met them, and we didn't even know who we were gonna get until the minute we met them. Anyway, my noobie is Elder Klc! Yup, Klc. It's pronounced like Kelch. I guess they forgot a couple of letters or something. He is from Salt Lake City. He is a pretty cool kid. Definitely green. It's kinda fun hearing fresh out of the MTC Danish, and seeing the new missionary get-things-done attitude. I think these 2 months with him are gonna be good, and it'll be fun helping him out and getting him going. Oh, and he is already getting into the European style!
Here's something cool, one of the sisters that just came in is from Spanish Fork! Cool huh! I don't know here from before, but she knows Camron. They had some classes together and things. Her name is Whitney Anderson. She's the sister on the very right in the picture.

Conference was great! Yeah, we were able to watch it here this week. All the missionaries in Sjælland zone met at a big church and we watched conference there. So that was fun of course to see all of the other missionaries and chill with them for awhile. We watched both the saturday and sunday morning sessions live. They were at 6 pm here. And we also watched the saturday afternoon, and priesthood session delayed. We couldn't stay up for the final session because it is shown from 10 to midnight here. I watched two sessions in Danish this time. It was awesome to see the improvement! Because 6 months ago I watched one of the sessions in Danish, and I could barely understand anything! And this time I could understand it all! It was also neat because it seemed like the parts that really applied to me and I really needed to hear, I could understand those parts extra clearly, just like it would've been in English! There were a couple problems though with seeing it in Danish. One, it was easier to tune out, and two, the jokes aren't funny.

You asked a few questions about the area. Well, we have a lot of investigators who are doing good. Finn and Pernilla keep on coming to church. I actually felt bad yesterday cuz they called me and asked why the church was closed. I guess they didn't know about Conference so they showed up to the church at the regular time and nobody was there. We have been having a hard time meeting with a lot of our investigators though lately. :/ A lot of them are just really busy right now.
Morten and Christina are now both over in the MTC! They seemed excited to leave! I was talking to Morten's mom a few days ago, and they hadn't heard from him yet. She seemed really worried and caring, and she reminded me of you, mom. ;) She said that Morten didn't bring any type of jacket because he's going to portugal and would never need it, and it would just be a waste of space. So she is worried that he's gonna freeze to death in the MTC. I told her if he needs one my mom lives 10 minutes away from there and she would gladly bring him a jacket. You'd do that right? If he needs one, I'll let you know.
Elder Williamson ended up going to Skive. It is his first time over on Jylland. He's with my MTC comp, Elder Hansen. It's pretty cool that they went to Skive because there haven't been missionaries there for almost 2 years! They are reopening it. I actually don't remember where Willy is from. It's somewhere in utah.. I think maybe Highland. That sounds right.
Yeah, we get a few chances to do service around here. Not a ton. It's mainly for the same people. Kjeld and Britta Rasmussen. They have a huge nice yard and they are an older couple, so they need some help with it every once in awhile.

Well, today we are gonna go to Copenhagen. Klc wants to see the big city, and do a little bit of shopping. We really want to plan a temple trip soon. I know I've been saying that for a long time, but we have just had to much to do and couldn't. We want to go next week if possible. We just have to call some people and figure out what we need to do, because the temple is closed on mondays.

I've got a few more pictures for you this week. The first in me on my Bday! They made me a cake at the eating appointment we had. Then there are a few pictures of our custom Rubiks Cube. The rest are from when I met Elder Klc and the others.
Gotta go, but thanks for the email, and I'll look forward to hear from ya again next week! Have a wonderful week!!

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