Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Letter from members in Ballerup Ward

Dear sister Lee and family.

Thank you very much for sending our son, Morten, - or we should say Elder Olsen - a package from "Dear Elder". He was very happy for your thoughtfullness. As you know missionaries have limited time at the computer when they are staying at MTC, so he asked us to send you this mail.

You have a wonderful son. You can be very proud of him. When your son, Elder Lee, came to our ward, he connected with our son in a very fine way. They both play the drums and they have fun together and - most importantly - a strong wish to serve a mission. Morten went out on splits with Elder Lee and his companions. That was a good experience for Morten as a preparation for his mission, while he was waiting to actually leave for his own mission to Portugal.

Also we have enjoyed having the missionaries for dinner. They bring a good spirit along with friendship. On top of that we had the opportunity to get all the information we needed about MTC and so on. It was very helpfull.

After Morten left for his mission, we have enjoyed the precence of Elder Lee and his companion in our home. Today we spoke with him in church and it looks like he is doing fine. We have invited the missionaries to join us for christmas eve (we celebrate on the of dec.), but Elder Lee has been here for several months, so he might be transfered in the near future. But we would love to celebrate christmas together with him and his companion.

We have told Elder Lee that you are welcome to stay in our home, if you some time come to Denmark. It´s not a castle, but we enjoy it evenso.

Love from

Hanne and Henrik Olsen
Ballerup ward

Elder Lee has shown us nice pictures of your family and your dog so here is a picture of us, so you can put faces on our names.
The picture of our family was taken 14 days before Morten left for his mission. Henrik and I are sitting in the front and our daughter (she is pregnant with her first child) is standing to the left with her husband. Morten is in the middle and our oldest son with his girlfriend are standing to the right

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