Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov. 7, 2010 (hopefully I can add videos to this one later.

Hey everybody!

It was nice hearing from you as always! Thanks for the email! I'm glad you guys have been enjoying some nice weather lately. It has been pretty chilly around here!

That is crazy that Scotty is leaving today! I bet he is way excited, but also way scared, and also just confused. That's how it was with me anyway. I've read a couple of his emails on his blog. I'm glad that he can get over there in Romania and start using what he has been learning and preparing to do. I'm sure he loved the cookies, and Morten too! I've written both of them letters a few weeks ago but I haven't heard back yet. I don't think you will have to worry about getting a coat for Morten. He is getting pretty close to the end of his MTC time. Have you emailed Morten's parents yet? They are really nice, I like that family a lot. Last monday we had a family home evening with them, and had a couple of investigators with. That was a good experience for us all.

I'm glad to hear that the funeral was good and that your talk and everything went well.

Thanks for the Sports update! Ya know what? Elder Klc is a huge sports guy, so he makes sure that his family sends him the update each week. So I have been hearing about the Jazz already. Too bad they started the season off with a couple of losses, but they seem to be doing alright now.

We caught that stinkin mouse! He was a tough one, but we got him! This last mouse we caught was pretty gross. We put 2 mouse traps right outside their hole so they couldn't avoid it, and I guess the mouse stuck his head out and tried eating the meat, and it snapped on its head, but it's body was still in the hole. Well this happened in the night, so when we woke up and found him, he was already really stiff and his fat body was stuck in the hole! So we try to pull it out by the mousetrap, but the trap fell off, so then it was just a crushed mouse head sticking out of the hole, and so Elder Klc put a bag over his hand, reached down there and gave it a nice tug, and it finally came out. I really hope we are about done with these mice!

I'm glad you liked my zoo pictures! Those face in a hole pictures are always fun. That negative giraffe one was actually an accident. I opened them with paint on the computer because I adjust the size first so they aren't such huge file sizes, and when I was doing that I accidently bumped a button that made it negative. I thought it looked way cool so I just kept it like that.

Yup, that big book he gave me is all in Danish! And he's not a member, I've actually only taught him like 3 times! It's way cool. This last week I read Den Lille Havfru (The Little Mermaid) Did you know that in the original story, the little mermaid doesn't even get the prince in the end?!?! How lame is that?! The prince marries the other princess.. Lame.

My week has been pretty good. I've got a few stories I wanted to tell you. So the first one is about my visa, or in Danish, opholdstilladelse. The English word is a bit easier. Anyway, I've nearly been in Denmark for a year, so that means that my visa will expire! So I had to get it renewed so I won't get sent back to America. And it was so much harder than it should have been! I filled out a few papers and they told me to take it to the local commune office. So I took it there and they said it is the wrong place, so I have to take it to the police station, so I took it to the local police station. It was closed, so we tried another time and they said I have to take it to the head police station. So we took it there, and they said, nope, you have to take it to this place in Copenhagen! So, another day, we go to this place in Copenhagen, and... It was closed. So we try again the next day, we finally get in, and we had to wait nearly 2 hours before they called my number, so I finally got up to the place, I told them I wanted to renew my visa, and I handed them my papers. They said I was done... So, after hours and hours, and days of hard work, all I did was hand my papers to a lady... bogus.
Ok story number 2. We had district meeting, and afterwords we all did some work in the area to help the sister missionaries out a bit. We split up, and said meet back at 6. So I went with Elder Van Nevel, and it was getting close to 6 so we went back to the church. When we got there I saw someone from behind wearing black, and he had kinda bad posture. And Elder Klc also has kinda bad posture so I thought it was him. It was also already dark by that point. (it gets dark around 5ish right now) So we came to him and I shouted, "HEY" And the guy gets way scared and turns around. And then I realized it wasn't Klc. It was just some old guy. I was way embarrassed.
This last week we have had some exciting eating appointments! One of them was with a lady... We also had one with one of my favorite families, the Ringheims! They are the family with 2 little boys that are way crazy. I think I told you about them one time. And we had another eating apointment with the Paulsen family, and that brings me to the third story. We were at this eating appointment and the mom turns to Klc and asks, "Er det frygtligt?" (Is it terrible?) And Klc says, "Ja, Det går godt" (Yeah, it's going good) Haha, it was pretty funny!
Um, the last thing that happened this week was we had Stake conference yesterday! It was fun to meet with everyone in the area! Remember Maria Engbjerg, she was in my EFY group and is Danish? So I was excited to see her her in Denmark. Well, for the first 6 months I lived on the opposite side of the country than her, and now that I finally moved close to her, she moved to America... So at Stake conference I saw everybody in her family, but not her.

You asked about transfers, I'm not sure the exact date, but it is around the end of the month. I think I'll probably leave, but I'm not sure. If you send something, it would be best to send directly to where I'm living. I'll tell you as soon as I find out. Otherwise you can send it to the mission office, but it could be hard to get it especially if I move back to Jylland. And concerning the things I need, there's not much. The deordorant is holding out, I think those three you sent me will last most my mish. And you don't need to worry about sending toothpaste.. They have toothpaste. My razors are getting kinda low. There are 2 things that I'd request. The first, I know we used to have a disney song piano book. I've been playing the hymns, but I want something new. So if you still have that and can find it, that would be fun. Or something like it. Also, yesterday I recieved a reeses peanut butter cup from a former comp, and it was way good! So maybe a couple of those. BUT, remember, don't send the fake little ones in tin foil. Those ones are bad news. It has to be the real deal. Thanks!

Alrighty, I think that's all I've got for you this time. I have one single picture, sorry there isn't more, It's me with a yarn sign. Garn means yarn. there's only one pic, but I posted some videos on facebook, so I think that makes up for it. Take a look at them.

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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