Monday, November 8, 2010

10-10-10 (pictures to come later)

Hey Gang, Dad and Mom!!!

Elder Klc is a cool kid. We're getting along just fine. It's really funny hearing his fresh out of the mtc Danish. Haha. I makes me realize how far I've come and how much I've learned while I've been here.
Sister Andersen, the one from SF, seems pretty cool. (well she's from Spanish, so of course she's cool) I sent Camron an email and asked if he remembers her, but he hasn't written back. Oh well, I hardly ever wrote him when he was on a mission.
Conference was way good! It's hard to choose a favorite.. I really liked the one Elder Holland gave. He talked a bunch about missionaries. I watched that one in Danish, so I'll have to make sure I read it again when we get the Ensign. The one that really hit me the most and really helped me was the one by Elder Packer. It was about how we can turn to Christ and use the atonement to help us overcome our weaknesses, and habits. It was really neat because I also saw that one in Danish, but there were some parts of it that I really needed to hear and I was able to understand it just as good (or better) as I would've in English. That also strengthened my testimony.

We've been able to meet with a lot of our investigators this week. It's been really good! We had the zone leader's over two days ago for splits. Basically they just came over, ate all of our food, didn't wash their dishes, made a big mess, and left. }:-( It was fun though. We were also able to get a lot of work done that day. Oh, me and one of the ZLs, Elder Steed, we were knocking and we found a super possitive, seemingly gold contact. It was this guy named Michael. He seemed excited to talk to us, and he said he and his friend write Christian music and he was in the middle of writing a song about the 10 commandmants when we knocked. He was way interested and had a lot of questions, and everything was just going perfect. We told him about the BOM and I asked if he wanted one. He said he'd really like that and he could show his friend too. And then we asked if we could come some other time and teach him more, he said he'd really like that, and then.... His mom came home... She just basically yelled at us. She was like, ''You can't talk to him, he's only 17, go away, blah blah blah'' And she shut the door on us. :/ grrr

Last night we had dinner with Jennifer, the girl we helped get baptized, and her mom. It was way fun. We thought it would be just like 2 hours or so, but we ended up being there for like 4 hours! She wouldn't let us go. Haha. We ate some curry meatball things on rice, Oh and she gave us rootbeer! It's pretty much impossible to find root beer here and it was the first time I've had it in a long time. We also had some cake and played trivial pursuit. The Danish one. It was way hard. And we ended with a nice little lesson.

No, I haven't written them back yet. It's cuz I'm a pretty good procrastinator. I put the pro in procrastinate, remember. No, but really I have been busy, and its sometimes hard to find time and energy to write letters. But I will. I have gotten most of those letters. I think there are maybe one or two of those names that I haven't seen yet.
My friends in the MTC? Well, Morten is there, but I found out that Christina isn't! Listen to this, she showed up, and they said they weren't expecting her. I guess they didn't think she ever got her visa. So anyway, they sent her straight to the Salt Lake City mission. Crazy huh. I don't know how long she'll stay there or whatever, but that would be a big surprise. Morten though is in the MTC. He's liking it. We had an eating appointment a few days ago with his parents and we talked a lot about him. I also sent him a Dear Elder. I don't have his info with me, but I can send it to you later.
Whoah, I had no idea that Zac was getting married! They sure know how to through a party, huh!

Today, we are gonna go bowling for P day! I'm way excited! I love bowling!
Well, we are hungry and we're gonna get going, so I'll finish this one up. I put some pictures with this email. The first is some really awesome artwork we found. A guy in a bathtub statue. Then there is Poul Jørgensen in real life! I'm pretty sure I told you about this guy. He is in every single newspaper. There is always an advertisement for his car place, and there is just a way funny looking picture of him. So we looked at the address and saw that it's way close to where we live, so one day we visited it just so see if we could find him. And we did! Haha He doesn't look as jolly in real life.. Anyway, the next 3 are of me of course. That's at a place in Copenhagen that's pretty famous. It's in a lot of postcards and pictures of Denmark. Lastly is the one I just took of my new shirt. Everybody Dance!
Have a great week!!!

Much Love, Elder Tyler Lee

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