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Oct. 17, 2010 (pictures to come later)

Hey Fam!!!

Holy cow! Today is the 18th! Ya know what that means?! Another month down! Like you said, next month is my one year mark! That is so crazy! It has been nearly a whole year since I have seen y'all. I agree! It is sometimes scary how fast time goes by!
It's good to hear that you've all had a good week this week! It must be fun getting the family together! Brielle sure is a cutie! That's way weird for me that she is talking now! It sometime feels like everyone back home is just on pause right now waiting for me to get home. But I guess everyone else is still growing too, and it has been a year'ish since I've seen her.
I didn't hear anything at all about those miners! When you were talking about it, that was the first I've heard! Klc said he heard about it in the MTC a little bit and he told me about it. That is way crazy! That's awesome that they were able to get out of there safely!
Things are going great with me and Elder Klc. Yeah, his name is crazy. I've heard a lot of the same dumb jokes in the past couple weeks. For example, ''Klc? Like Kfc? Hahaha''.... I'm tired of that already, and I'm sure he has heard these same jokes a million times in his life. Anyway, we are getting along just great. He is a fun kid. Kinda a big noobie still, but that's expected of him. He is starting to get the hang of things, and already improving with Danish and everything.
Oh yeah, Here is Mortens MTC adress:

Elder Morten Olsen
Portugal Porto Mission
Provo Missionary Training Center
MTC Mailbox #124 12/01
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604

He doesn't need a coat as of yet. His mom is funny, she is always worrying about him, but Morten says he is fine. So don't worry about getting him a coat, but I'm sure he'd enjoy getting a little treat or something. I have never heard him speak English, but he speaks perfect english. So do his parents. I don't have their email, but we have an eating appointment with them tonight, and I could ask them.

ANYWAY... This has been a really eventful week. We have been way busy, yet we hardly did any work in our area. Because we were so busy with other things, like zone conference and training and things. I'll start from the begining. So last pday after emailing we went bowling! I love bowling! It's so fun! In Denmark you pay per hour, not per game. So we were able to crank our 4 games. My first one was the best and I went down from there. The first game I scored a 158. It made me way mad though because I have no problem knocking 9 pins down. But there is always one stupid pin that won't fall. You can take a look at my score card.
The next day was zone conference. It was fun, as always meeting with the other missionaries, and we had some good training from the mission president. Also at zone conference, I performed a music number! I played Joseph Smith's First Prayer on the guitar. They all liked it and wanted me to play another one, so after zone conference I played Sweet Hour of Prayer. The next day was a specialized training. It was for missionaries in leadership positions like zone/district leaders, and trainors. So we got an extra day of super training. It was pretty boring. I was struggling to stay awake during the last bit of it. Thursday we were finally back in Ballerup, but we had a ton of service that day. We helped Bother and Sister Rasmussen from the ward. They are way awesome. They remind me a ton of grandma and grandpa! I always like when we go over there for service. They have a huge yard and they always have something for us to do. Friday was our only day of actually doing missionary work in our area. We stopped by some people and taught a couple lessons. And Saturday we met together with all of the missionaries again. This time it was to contact a bunch of referalls from the temple open house. It was 6 years ago, but there were a ton of referalls from it who were never contacted. And then finally, Sunday. We had church. It was a pretty eventful week.
There are also some more exciting things that happened throughout the week. I did something pretty stupid, I did two eating challenges this week... The first was eat a huge burger. Me and 3 other missionaries all got these way huge burgers and tried to eat them. I failed. A few days later, Elder Klc decided he wanted to do the nougat challenge. So I decided to try it one more time and try to get a better time. I did! I cut my last time in half! My new score is 29:34. I was pretty happy about that. Now I promise, I'm never ever ever gonna do the nougat challenge again! Elder Klc was doing pretty good. He had all of the nougat pillows down in about 35 minutes, and he just had a little bit of milk left to finish. He was chugging the last of the milk, and, well... He spewed... At least he gets to go on the back of the board.. People who hurled.
Well, off of that subject. When I first came to Denmark I started reading the Book of Mormon in Danish. At first I would have my Danish one and English, and I'd read the verse in Danish and then in English right after. After a couple months I was able to just read it straight through in Danish and understand almost anything. And anyway, last week I finished the book! It was pretty exciting!
Guess what! This week, we found out that we have mice! :O We've seen them running around a couple of times. Gross! We found their house I think. There was a stack of papers in a big cardboard box that we had in a corner for recycling or whatever, and we found out that there were a couple mice living back there! So yesterday, we dedided that we had to get rid of it. So we got prepared, we tucked our pants into our socks, just in case, and we grabbed the whole box and quickly dragged it outside. Two mice ran out! I'll admit, I screamed a little bit. Anyway, we are gonna get some traps today and try to catch us some mice.
Here is one more exciting thing that happened this last week. At zone conference I was having trouble reading the board, so, I decided to get glasses! Dad and Tia both got new glasses, and now I did too. It's crazy seeing the world more clearly. It's like everything is in high definition now. It's kinda funny, I got the glasses at a little cheapo store for like 3 bucks, but they are prescription and everything and they help a lot.
This is getting pretty long. I think that's good enough for this week. ;) Oh one more thing, we are going to go to the Temple on Friday! I haven't been to the Temple in over 9 months! So I'm way excited!
Anyway, thank you for everything! I'll see ya in a year and a month!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Oh I forgot to tell you about the pictures!
The first one is my bowling score. Look at all those stupid 9s! :/
Then there are some pictures of my super huge burger.
After that is us doing the Nougat Challenge. We decided to put it all in one big bowl.
Then there is another cool Danish statue! I think it's way funny! It's just 2 fat naked guys trying to pull another fat naked guy up the cliff.
The last 2 were taken so you can see my new glasses. What do ya think?

See ya!

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