Monday, November 8, 2010

Oct. 24, 2010, (yup, you guessed to come later! )

Hey Everyone!

How's it going?! I'm doing great! Thanks for sending me those pictures and videos and a nice email!
The weather here is alright. It's definitely not summer anymore! There were a couple weeks that were way cold, but then in brightened up again, and lately it's been ok. My coat does look nice, but it also keeps me warm. I've been plenty warm so far. And if it gets way cold, and my coat isn't enough, I still have my old ugly coat just in case.
Thanks! I'm glad you like my new glasses! They are actually kind of annoying. It's nice being able to see better, but it also makes it harder sometimes, because the frame is in the way, and they get dirty sometimes and its annoying to clean them, and all that. So I don't wear them all the time. Just sometimes. Yeah, they help me see far away, I have no problem close up. And yeah, I was able to pick them up as some litte store for a couple bucks.
:( It's sad to see the little white car leaving. That has been a good car. I'll miss the little fella.
That's way crazy that Edward is starting his mission! He isn't old enough for that!!
I finished my scarf! I took forever! But I'm finally done. Now I can move on and finally get other things done!

We had some halloween fun on friday! Elder Bailey and Elder Larkin came over for splits and we carved some jack o lanterns!! It was way fun! It was so hard trying to find some tools to use. In Denmark, they don't really celebrate Halloween, so it was impossible to find a pumpkin carving kit. We walked around Copenhagen for a couple hours trying to find something like that that we could use. Finally we just decided to by a couple of swiss army knives with all of the different little tools. They worked out good enough. Pumpkin carving was fun, I felt bad for Elder Larkin. He cut into his pumpkin and it was all gross and rotten, and smelled disgusting, so he didn't get to carve one. Well, do you want to know what my Jack o Lantern was? It was.... Elder Williamson! Haha. Remember that picture of him that I drew? Well I turned that into a jack o lantern! It actually turned out really good! I used a new 3 color technique, where for parts of it I cut through all the way and other parts I just cut part way. Of course I took way longer than everyone else. I even had it all drawn on the pumpkin before they even came. They all finished and I went like 3 hours longer. Haha. I'll admit, I stayed up past bedtime. But it was for a good cause! I sent you a picture of my pumpkin, what do ya think?
Oh! Here is the update with the mouse problem! We've caught 6 of them! Gross! I think we might've got them all, because we caught them all pretty quick, and then the last few days we haven't gotten anything. They were so hard to catch! We couldn't get them at first! First we tried putting peanut butter on the traps, but they just kept licking it clean! So then we put some cheese on it but they just at that. So then we tied the cheese on with some string, and it worked the first time, but then they kept getting past that. So we finally stuck a piece of hotdog on the trap, and that does the trick! We caught 4 that way! I'll give you a warning, I attached a couple of pictures of the mice, and they are a bit gruesome, so if you have a sensitive stomach, leave the room now.

Here is a little bit for Tani Loa:
Hey Sis!! What's up?!?! Sorry I've been such a loser and haven't responded to some of the letters you have written me. It's because I've been knitting a scarf and I haven't had any extra time. But now I'm done, so I should have some extra time to do important things, like write my lil sister.
You're gettin pretty old! The new teen in the house! How does that feel? It's weird for me to think that you are in Junior high! How are you liking that? I bet you have already changed a ton. I probably wont even recognize you and Tia when I get home!
Holy Cow!!! Congratulations on getting a part!!! That is way cool! It's awesome that you have gotten into that so much, and that you have so much fun with it. Let me know more about it and how it all goes! You're gonna do great!
Hahaha, mom told me a little bit about that aquarium! That sounds way fun! I went to a big aquarium like that here in Denmark. We were able to touch the Sting rays and some little sharks and things. Of course mom would scream. Haha, those signs sound funny. It's me that inspire you to take those pictures?! Wow, I'm honored!
Well, how is everything going? Things are going great here in Denmark. I think I'm finally getting the hang of things. I miss you a bunch! How a super day and a fun halloween!!

Well, my week has been up and down. I got a stupid cold! :( My nose has been runny for like 5 days, and I can't sleep. But, I also went to the temple!!! It was so awesome finally going into the Copenhagen Temple! It was over 9 months that I hadn't been to the temple so it was way great to finally go again! It was also an awesome experience to have it in Danish! The Copenhagen Temple is way pretty! The outside is kinda weird, but the inside is way beautiful! Hopefully I'll get a few more chances to do that while I'm here!
Other than the temple and splits, nothing too exciting happened. Oh, Yesterday at church was a good/bad day. We had 4 investigators come to church!! Which is way good! The bad part is that I had to teach the lesson in Priesthood. And for some reason they decided to combine the Elders quorum and High Priests. So I had to teach everyone! And of course that was the day that I was the sickest. The whole lesson I was just sniffling and I couldn't think very well. They all said it was a really good lesson, but I don't know about that..
Today should be fun! We still aren't exactly sure what we are gonna do. We are gonna make our decision based on the weather. If it isn't rainy weather, we are gonna go to the Copenhagen Zoo! And if the weather isn't the best, we are gonna go to a place called The Experimentorium. Its like this big scientific museum with all sorts of cool experirements and fun scientific things like that. I'll have to tell you about it next time.
I have a few pictures for you. The first 2 are from our temple trip. and then the next two are some mice pictures.. The first mouse we killed, and a bunch of dead mice stacking up in our garbage. Then there's a funny picture of some bar in Copenhagen. They probably have the best beer in town, but they aren't 100% sure. Then there is my Willy Jack o Lantern! And lastly is a picture of me and my knitted scarf! I hope you enjoy these pictures.
Have a great day!!

Love Elder Tyler

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