Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

Hey there!!
I'm doing great! How are you this week? I hope you have had an awesome week. Hey just so you know, President told me my release date, but you probably don't really want to hear that... :P Anyway, things are still going really great here. They have a good train system here and it is easy to get around also with our bikes.
We were able to see that family a little bit again. We were hoping that they would come to church, because they usually do, but we were bummed when they didn't show up. We decided to stop by them afterwords. It turns out that they wanted to come but Malin had a way bad migraine headache. She gets them every once in awhile. Omar was thinking about taking the kids with and coming anyway, but it was too tough at the time. So they said they were sorry and they are looking forward to coming next time. We have a meeting with them tomorrow though and that will be fun for sure.
Speaking of church, we went to the Silkeborg ward yesterday for the first time. There were about 10 people there and like 8 of them were over 70. Haha. But they are really nice. I told them that I can play piano and they were so excited and happy about that. After the meeting they all came up to me and thanked me for playing and said that it has been over 2 years since they have had music. They have just been singing a capella. It was kinda funny, in our Sunday school meeting it started out being about a conference talk but ended up just being all the old people telling pointless stories of the olden days.
We haven't had a chance to go back to Ikast where that guy Ashley lives. We have been pretty busy, but we will try this week hopefully and we are hoping that we can run into him.
We have gotten in contact with another former investigator. Her name is Isabella and she is a 70 year old lady from Scotland. So we speak English with her. She was such a nice old lady. Just your basic grandma. Her house was covered in tons of pictures and trinkets and all that, and she was always telling us stories about her grandkids and her childhood and everything. She is so cool though and so positive. She absolutely loves the church. She loves the people and the doctrines and everything. She told us that she wants to be a Mormon and that she would be if it wasn't for Joseph Smith. She doesn't believe that he was a prophet and that the book of Mormon is true. So that is what we will help her with.
On Wednesday we had Specialized Training in Ã…rhus. That was good. We watched a little movie about being a ''Go-getter''. And for lunch we ate some huge sandwiches. They were way good! Yup McCleary is a good guy. It is another Williamson-like companionship, meaning that we just do a bunch of random pointless childlike things, that just make things more exciting and fun. The other day we were in Silkeborg and we did some planking pictures. I'm sure you've seen some of those pictures before. It's when you just lay down flat on something and take a picture of it. It is just way funny for some reason. Oh and yesterday we had a lunch opera. When preparing, eating, and cleaning up, we sang everything we said.
And those are the highlights of this week. I guess I will stop teasing you and let you know my release date. Are you ready?? President said that it still can change if something happens, but this is my expected release date anyway. It is November 22nd! So just before Thanksgiving. And a little less than 5 months.
Glad you liked my pictures and video. Those roof pictures where actually where an investigator lives. I have a lot of pictures for you today! Lucky you! :D The first few are from Silkeborg, there was a lake with some cool fountains. Then there are some of those planking pictures that I told you about. It was pretty dang hard to lay on that little sign like that. The last one is me holding hands with a weird pig man. Enjoy. :D Oh yeah, I bought a new jacket as you can see in these pictures. Me and McCleary actually bought matching jackets. I saw it first and dibs it, but McCleary got the same one anyway. It was a good price, just 200 kr. (Like 35 bucks) So what do you think of it?
Thats cool that Tani and Tia did their play. I am sure they did an awesome job. Chelsey told me she went and that she really liked it.
That's cool that you could go see those youtube guys. So they started with youtube videos and now they have a show they do or what? I liked those sombrero mustache pictures. haha
I hope Jansen has a good time at EFY. That is good that he is going.
What the heck? Elder Christensen couldn't handle being away from Denmark and he is already back? He is probably spending most of the time in Odense I'd assume, but that would be cool if I ran into him. I'll keep my eye out. Well I hope you have an incredible week! I miss you a ton! Love Elder Tyler Lee

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