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June 13, 2011

Yo!! :D
So do you want to hear about my new area and my new companion and all of the crazy new stuff that is going on?! Well let me tell you about the process of actually getting here first of all. It was one of the most stressful things ever. Mostly due to terrible planning by the AP's.

So first of all they wanted us to go Tuesday instead of Wednesday and that messed up all of our plans. But anyway, on Tuesday evening I took all my stuff to the train station and we went to Copenhagen. There, I said goodbye to Elder Tolman and he headed back with Elder Tolbert. I met up with Willy and that is when things got really difficult. Try to imagine the two of us with all of both of our luggage trying to get situated in a train that is completely packed. There was not an available seat on the whole train. Luckily we had gotten reserved seats and were able to sit there, but that didn't solve the problem of what we should do with our luggage. So we packed as much of it as possible in the overhead compartment, and stacked some other stuff around our feet. There were still 2 suitcases that we just had to leave kind of in the aisle behind us. They were in a place where Williamson could see them if he reaches his head around. He looked back and just checked on them every once in awhile. It was funny, there was one time he looked back, and then he turned to me and was like, ''dude, your bag is gone.'' I was just like, yeah whatever man. But he kept going with it, he was like, ''I'm serious, it is not there!'' So I jumped up and went over there and my bag was right where I left it. Hahaha. I just went back and started punching Williamson in the arm. Anyway, after awhile on the train a lot of people got off and we were able to get situated better and play some cards. The rest the ride was fun.

We arrived in Frederacia that evening and slept there, and then the next day was even more difficult and stressful than the one before. Now would be the time to tell you that we do NOT have a car here anymore! They took the car from this area and gave it to a couple of old people missionaries! Everyone in the mission thinks it is stupid and that we need a car here. And I agree, we really do. This area is huge! It actually covers two areas. Herning and Silkeborg. And they are a 30 minute drive apart. And also our apartment is in a little town that is 5 kilometers away from Herning. So they took away our car and gave us bikes. We were kind of bummed about that but I like riding bikes and it has been good so far.

So back to the story. Now this time we had to get on another train. It was me, McCleary, and all of both of our luggage, my guitar, AND 2 bikes!! And we each only have 2 hands. I don't know how they expected us to be able to handle this. The worst part happened when we had to switch trains half way, because the train didn't go all the way to our place, so the train arrived at a station and we had 2 minutes before the next one left. And it was over on another platform. If we missed it the next one didn't leave for 2 hours. So we piled our stuff on the train and ran to the elevator, went down, McCleary took the bikes and ran up the stairs, and I went to the other elevator... It was out of order! I was like, are you kidding me! So at this point the train was supposed to leave in 60 seconds, so I took a piece of luggage in each hand and ran up the stairs, then McCleary ran in onto the train. I ran back down and grabbed the next thing and ran back up. We continued that I think 4 times, and the last one was of course the biggest and heaviest thing of them all. And I carried it half way up the stairs and my body was pretty much like, nope we are done here. My legs like shut down. McCleary who had been at the top the whole time ran down and took it the rest the way, and I wobbled over to the train. It was weird, my legs felt so crazy. I don't know if you have ever tried carrying hundreds of pounds of luggage up the stairs in 60 seconds, but it is not easy. But we made it, and we finally made it home that night and were able to relax. But dang, that was way annoying.

Well we are finally settled in. We've been here in the new area for a few days now and we are started to get the hang of things. Elder McCleary is way cool. We are already having a really good time. For example, the other day we were playing some giant card games with my huge cards, and then we randomly started having a random noise contest. We were basically just making really loud and annoying sounds. We were making these weird noises and then 3 girls walked past the window that happened to be open and they started laughing and then came over and talked to us through the window and ran away giggling.

Herning has been great so far. It is annoying because we have to bike for a half hour just to get to the city, but we have met a lot of people and they are all really great. We've been calling all of the former investigators and trying to see if they are still interested. We've set up a few appointments and met a couple of our investigators. I'm excited for tomorrow because we are going to go to silkeborg to meet with an awesome family. We haven't met them yet, but the husband is a member that was less active but not anymore, and the wife is a non member, but she is going to get baptized they said! Her name is Milan, and the only thing that is holding her back at the moment is that they aren't actually married yet. They are working on getting married so she can get baptized as soon as possible. Guess what! On Sunday they missed the bus to church so they walked 45 minutes with their 2 little children just to make it there. So there are already some awesome things going on here! We have also started finding our own new investigators too. We were out contacting the other day in our little town, and we found this girl named Anja. She seems really interested and said that she would like to talk to us more about it. And we gave here a Book of Mormon.

The ward members are way cool too! It is actually another little tiny branch like Nykøbing. I'd say it is the same size. We are over two tiny little branches, and we have only met the Herning one so far. I have to tell you about 2 specific members. The first one is Inge. She is actually inactive but she loves the missionaries, and she invited us over our second day. She is really fun and so is her 14 year old son Patrick. There is also a girl named Mia in the ward. She was baptized just like 2 months ago and she is way awesome! Her story is pretty cool. She is so into the church and is always sharing it with her friends and inviting them to church. Already we have been over to two meals at her place with one two different friends of hers invited over.
I'm thinking this is gonna be a loooooong email... I have so much stuff to say.

Lets go back in time a little bit. Back in Nykøbing right before I left we weren't able to figure anything out with Mie Louise. That was a bummer, but we were able to say goodbye to most of the others. Like Henrietta and Isabella. I'll miss that little girl. We also had one more appointment with that guy Dalsgaard, and he is doing way good. He had read even more in the BOM and is really liking it. He said he made it to where Nephi broke his bow and make a new one.

Hey here is a way exciting piece of news! Jennifer's Mom, Maline finally has a baptismal date!! She is getting baptized on the 16th of July! I'm so excited for her, and me and Elder Williamson are planning on going over there for the baptism.

Sunday, we went to the ward here in Herning for the first time. There were like 15 people there that day. They are all really nice, and they even have one who can play piano, so I don't have to worry about that any more. I helped bless the sacrament and McCleary said a prayer. We each also were called up to share our testimony. I have a feeling that they are gonna be calling on us a lot while we are here.

Sunday night, some other missionaries came over. It was Elder Oakey and his brand new missionary, Elder Horrocks. They came over because it was Elder Oakey's 21st Bday and they wanted to celebrate it with us. So we played some games together that night. We borrowed Settlers of Catan from that lady Inge. The next morning we went over to a gym and played basketball for awhile. That was fun. There is this way awesome rec-center right by our house and it is completely free for us. They have basketball, racquetball, ping pong and a bunch of other stuff. So we plan on spending a lot of time over there on pdays. Later on in the day we went to Jensen's Bøfhus for lunch, and then had a little party with them, Mia, and Inge. (Elder Oakey is the one who baptized Mia so they are good friends) That lasted most of the rest the day, and when we went back home we played some more cards and went to bed. And now we are to today, and I am writing you an email. :)

Well that is the update with me. If you have any questions about my new area or anything else, just ask. :)
I have to finish this up, we have an appointment in a bit, so sorry I don't really have time to respond to what you wrote. I have some pictures for you. The first one is me and Elder Meyer. He is going home soon and that was most likely the last time I saw him for a long time. Oh and Willy decided to jump in on it. Yeah then there is one of Oakey (birthday boy), Willy, Tolman, and Me. Then a better one of me and Meyer, then a last pic of Tolman and I. And then I thought you might like to see what Elder McCleary looks like. He wasn't ready on the first one..
Have a super day!!!
Love Elder Tyler Lee

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