Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May 22, 2011

Hi!! Thank you for the email!
It doesn't matter if you almost forget, as long as you don't completely forget. :)

I know! It is so exciting that those two are finally getting married! Haha I was thinking, they have waited so long, they might as well wait a couple more months, but I guess it's best that they get married as soon as possible. :) You just better get a ton of good pictures, that's all I can say.
Congrats with the 5k and the success of your students! I don't know if you have told me about that program. If you have I might've forgotten. Is it like a class you do? Do you get paid for it, or just for fun?
Yeah I was just thinking this week that school should be getting out soon. That's exciting! Oh and happy birthday to Jansen! Too bad to hear about his ticket.. What did he do wrong?
I'm glad that Shane has found an apartment and he is able to be moving on with his life now.
I haven't heard anything else about my release date yet but I assume we will talk about it at interviews. Interviews are on Wednesday.
Well, transfers are in like 2 weeks, and needless to say, I am excited.
This is way annoying, this computer is being stupid and won't type all the letters I'm typing so I have to keep backspacing and respelling like every other word.
I want to tell you a little about one of those potential investigators from last week. Her name is Mia Louise. She is awesome. Well, she has like 5 piercings in each ear and a ring in her lip, but you can't be fooled by her appearance. She has actually really thought a lot about religion. We stopped by and she let us in, and we were there for over an hour! She asked us a bunch of good questions and luckily I had some answers. I also asked her, 'What if it is true? What will that mean to you?'' She said if she finds that out then she will change her ways, and be baptized in our church. She was really curious about our beliefs about the Plan of Salvation and we have an appointment with her on Tuesday to go more in depth about it. She also received a BOM and seemed excited to read in it. Then yesterday we were walking down the street and we passed her, and she was with a friend. She smiled at us and waved excitedly and said, 'see ya Tuesday!'' Which to us was a really good sign, that even though she was with a friend she was happy to see us, and meet with us. I'll let you know more how it goes with her.
It was a bummer though, because I think we lost our investigator, Barble yesterday. I called to set up an apt. and asked if it was Barble. She said, no this isn't her. So I asked if I had a wrong number, and she said, I couldn't tell you. And then she hung up. But it was obviously her because she has a heavy accent. She seemed so positive last time. I think what happened is what has happened to me in the past. When someone is actually interested, they look it up, or talk to someone about it, and they just hear a bunch of anti Mormon fake junk. We will try to stop by sometime and see whats up.
Oh, there is someone else I need to tell you about! Remember Jennifer? The girl we baptized? Well her mom is going to get baptized soon! :D She knows it is true and all, but was trying to find a cheaper apartment so she could pay tithing. She has found one so it's just a matter of time! I will definitely make sure I go to that. She is an awesome fun woman.
Friday was really cool! We had a mission conference with a member of the quorum of the 70, Elder Fingerle! So the entire mission met together for that, and it was really good. Him and president Andersen had some really great stuff to say to us. Oh I also performed a musical number on guitar. It was a little nerve wracking playing for the whole mission and for Elder Fingerle, but it went really well. I played Jesus the Very Thought of Thee.
It was fun seeing Elder Christensen there for a last time before he goes home. It's crazy, when we were comps he hit his year mark, and he said, ''When I go home, you will only have 6 months left.'' I was thinking, yeah that will never get here, but it did! I remember you said you would like to go to his homecoming if possible. I asked him about it and he said it is on June 12. He gave me his home number and his moms number so you can find out more about it. Where it is and all.
Well that is my news for you, we also had a big storm last night with thunder and lightning. It was pretty cool!
Like I said earlier, we have interviews scheduled for Wednesday, but they might have to be cancelled, because President is in Iceland, and while he was there that volcano erupted and flights are cancelled for now. So he might be stuck there! It makes me wonder if it affected an Elder who was supposed to be going home from Iceland. I don't know if it was before or after the volcano but he might be sticking around a little longer.
There are 2 pictures today. The first is me and Elder Christensen from the mission conference. And then a picture of a tree I saw today that looked a ton like Jylland. (the peninsula part of Denmark) So I took a picture of it. It's even got the dripping nose.
Thanks for everything!!! I miss you! Have a wonderful week! :D

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Oh ps. Thanks for the pictures too!! Tia is such a goof.

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