Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May 29, 2011

Hey Dad and Mom and Everyone!! :)
Whoah, Dad you are also a great letter writer. It’s not just mom. Thanks.
That is way exciting about Camron and Rurika!
August 27th eh? The day after Mom’s Bday.
Dad our investigator is named Barbl, not Barbie. Haha.
Yeah I thought that tree was pretty cool. It is actually right out our window, and one day I was just sitting there, I looked outside, and was like, Holy Cow, it looks like Jylland! So I took a picture. It is crazy how similar it is.
It sounds like everyone has been having a fun summer vacation already. Scandinavian days are always fun. Yeah I think I will have a new respect for it when I come home and go there again. It’s nice you were able to have a lot of fun family time and fun time.
I haven’t heard anything about transfers yet, nothing from interviews but it will be soon. I will most likely move, and I actually want to stay here a little longer because of Mie Louise. She is doing awesome and it seems like as soon as I leave an area that is always when they suddenly get baptisms.
But on that note, let me tell you about our lesson with Mie Louise. It went way well! We went over there and she had invited a friend over named David who was a member at one point. He was excommunicated 15 years ago. At first I was thinking, ugh why is this guy here? He is just sitting there smoking and swearing and talking about pointless stuff. But then when we actually started teaching the lesson it was really good that he was there. I found out that he still believes that the church is true and still considers it as his church, and he had a ton of knowledge about what we were teaching. We taught Mie Louise the plan of salvation, and she was really involved the whole time with questions and comments. She likes the plan and thinks it makes sense but doesn’t understand it all completely. She kept asking though about how she can get her own confirming answer and so of course we told her. She seemed committed to try, and she is also excited for our next meeting. We are going to watch the finding faith in Christ movie.
Let me tell you a little bit more about my week. Tuesday was a really great day. We got so much done and President was really impressed when I told him about it at interviews. We had 7 lessons, 2 of them member present lessons, and we also got a new investigator. One of those lessons was also the Mie Louise lesson I told you about. Like I said we also had interviews with president. I didn’t get my release date out of him yet, but we did talk about it a little bit. And I told him that I would really like to go home before thanksgiving. He said that he will mail it out soon and then I can call him and discuss it. I’ll let you know more as soon as I find out. We also had a combined district meeting with Elder Williamson’s district. I don’t know if I told you that Willy is district leader now too. That was fun, the two of us did a combined training, and it was fun teaching with him again like the old days.
That was most of the excitement for the week. The rest of the week up until Sunday there didn’t happen very much. Sunday was kind of weird though. Before church started we were pulled into another room by the branch president along with a couple ward members. And I guess it was some kind of apology meeting. I am still confused about the whole thing. I guess a couple weeks ago in our missionary coordination meeting, sister Ravn said something mean about Sister Korgaard and she found out and was really offended. She was saying, ‘all my life I have never been treated this bad, I don’t trust sister Ravn and I can’t forgive her right now’ They were acting like kids. I still don’t know why they even got us missionaries involved.
I think I’ve made it through the boring part of the bible and now it is pretty exciting.
I just finished judges and there were a lot of cool stories there. Like with Samson and all those other judges.
That’s pretty much it for this time. By next time I will know if I’m transferring or not and if I get a new companion.
I have some bad news. I haven’t taken any new pictures this week. Some weeks I have so many, but other weeks there is just nothing worth taking a picture of. So sorry about that. All I have for you is a movie of Tolman trying to juggle. He’s been practicing for a month.
Have a super week and I can’t wait to hear from you again next week!
Miss you! :)
Love Elder Tyler Lee :D
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say that yesterday we also thought primary at church. In other words we taught the 2 youngest Johansen kids. It was fun and it went really well. We talked about different stories in the scriptures about when they were commanded to build a ship and they were able to do it because of their faith. And we focused the lesson on faith in god. Then after we made our own origami ships out of paper and floated them on some water. It was fun!.

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