Monday, June 27, 2011

June 19, 2011

Hey Y'all :D
How are you?!?! Yeah transfers were a little too crazy if you ask me, but it's been good. I'm just glad that it is over and we have everything situated now in our new area. It probably would have been easier to wait the two hours for the next train, but we were already getting home late as it is. I think we got home at like 10:30.
Things are going really good here in Herning/Silkeborg. Its kinda lame that we don't have a car but I think it is funner on bikes anyway. We also got our train passes now, and we can take our bikes on the train so that is nice.
We have now gotten a hold of some of the former investigators and they seem nice. I have to tell you more about that one family in Silkeborg. We met with them last Wednesday and they are so awesome! The guy's name is Omar and he was less active but has now returned to the church, and the lady's name is Malan (I think its spelled like that). She isn't baptized yet, but she wants to. They have a goal to get married by the end of the year and when they do that, she will get baptized. It was such a great lesson, they are just so golden. They also have two little kids. A boy who is 5, and I can't remember his name, and a girl who is 2 named Melissa. She is probably the cutest little kid ever. She is only two but she has long dark hair, and she sure is a cutie. We arranged with them that we will come by every Wednesday evening to share a little message with them.
Another noteworthy lesson was one with a guy named Ashley. Yeah I said a guy named Ashley. He is probably the coolest guy I have ever met. He is from Australia and he has come to Denmark to play badmitton for the highest ranked team in the world. He can hit the birdie at 340 km/h! Crazy! He is also a musician and plays guitar and sings. We had a nice lesson with him and he seemed intrigued and interested, but he said that he wants us to respect him and have faith in him that he will do something with what we gave him, and so he said that if he finds out it is something for him then he will contact us. He said also that if he ever runs into us then he would be more than happy to talk with us. Our plan is to knock a lot around the place he lives and try to run into him. Things with me and McCleary are going way well. We have a lot of fun, but also work hard and get a lot done. By the way, he is from Layton, Utah. Our new thing we have been working on is juggling. Haha. We are trying to do the cool 2 person juggling where we juggle to each other. We are getting pretty good. I will for sure tell you all about Jennifer's Mom, Malene's baptism. They are both so excited, and I am too. But ya, it was a good week. Other than the lessons I told you earlier, we have also met again with Inge and also with Mia. They both love the missionaries. They are really nice and I think they will also be really helpful for missionary work. We went over to Mia's place to help her proof read a paper that she was doing for school, because it was in English. Yesterday was cool. There was a special broadcast for Scandinavia. We met in Århus with a bunch of other missionaries and members and watched it. There were 4 speakers who spoke. I can't remember the first guy's name, but second it was the Relief Society General President, and then Elder Bednar, and Elder Eyring went last. It was like a bonus little conference session. It was cool, at the conference I ran into a girl named Sofie Mølholt. And I might have told you about her way back when I was in the MTC. She was a sister missionary from Denmark going to Norway and she was in the MTC at the same time as me. Well now she is done and back home!!! How crazy is that?! It was fun talking to her again. And she seemed to be really impressed with my improvement with danish. I'm kinda rushed right now. We are going to do some service in a bit, so I can't say everything I wanted to. Congrats though to you and dad with your relay. Yeah I remember that race you do. And congrats also to Tani and Tia for their parts in the play. I know they will do a great job. I have a couple pictures for you and also a video. I hope it works. The first picture is from the other day when it was raining so hard!!! The picture doesn't do it justice. Then there are a couple pictures from up on a roof. And then 2 pictures of me stacking juggling balls on my head. The second one was falling right when the pictures was taken. And the video is of me and Elder McCleary juggling. I like your pictures you sent me. :) I miss you!! Have a fun week! Love Elder Tyler Lee

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