Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 5, 2011

Hey there!!! :D

How’s it going?? Yeah I am really excited! It’s always fun experiencing something new, so transferring to Herning should be good. I’m kind of nervous going into an area that has been shut down and reopening it. Because there probably won’t be many investigators and we’ll have to start from scratch. But I guess that is how it was here when I first came. It has been closed because we had a shortage of missionaries. I’m way excited for McCleary. We are gonna have a ton of fun. :) I don’t think I’m DL in this new area. And the trip to Bornholm is a no go. President never got around to it, so that it a bummer.
It was sad saying goodbye to people
Yesterday we went to Annizette to say goodbye to her. I’m really going to miss her. She is a way funny girl. We ended up just talking about food and movies, and a little bit about God. We are hoping that it will work out to see Mie Louise one more time. We set up an appointment with her for Tuesday evening, but then the APs decided that we are moving Tuesday instead of Wednesday. So we are trying to figure something else out with her. We will probably go there later today. Oh I don’t think I told you. Elder Tolman is staying here and he is getting a missionary named Elder Tolbert. Haha, so that is going to be a little confusing for the people here.

I’m sure it has been fun and maybe also a little stressful starting to get ready for that wedding. That would be really cool if you could go to Chelsey to get Rurika’s hair done. Chelsey has been doing a lot of hair for weddings the past couple months so she is pretty good at it.
Haha you mention the June bugs, I don’t miss them at all. Denmark doesn’t have any annoying bugs like that that I’ve noticed. They have the giant slugs and snails that come out in the rain but they aren’t too bad. This time of year has been pretty annoying though because my allergies have been pretty bad. And it is also so hot at night. So between those two things I haven’t been getting too much sleep lately.
This week was a good, and also interesting week. On Tuesday we found 2 new investigators, but one of them is kind of insane.. We were walking down the street and this guy came up to us and was like, ‘’Hey you must be latter day saints. I’m Michael… The Archangel.’’ He said God revealed to him that he is Michael, and that in his second life he was Noah.. He gave us his address and I guess it is up to the Tolman and Tolbert if they want to visit him. But we also found another person who is normal, and it was a cool story how we found her. We were going to stop by Jesper, remember him? And we said, alright this is the last time we’ll try him because he hasn’t been home for like 2 months. So we walk over there and knock on the door. He doesn’t answer, but right at that moment a lady walked by, and said we are wasting our time with him, he is insane and he is in the crazy house. But then she started staring at our tags and was very interested. We talked to her a bit there, and she gave us her phone number and address. :) It was one of those stories about being in the right place at the right time.
Oh I broke a string this week on my guitar.. :/ It was the first time I’ve done that on my mission. But I bought some new strings and put them on. It was probably a good thing, because those strings were way old and the new ones sound much better.
We had a cool apt. with Dalsgaard. I think I might’ve mentioned him once. If not, he is a new investigator we have. We went over to an appointment, and he had read the first 8 chapters of the Book of Mormon. And not only did he read, but he actually remembered what he read, thought it was interesting, and he liked it. Oh yeah. We taught him about Joseph Smith and more about what the BOM is all about and how we got it. He also had a ton of questions because he had looked up about our church online. He really liked our temples, and he sounded excited when I said there is one in Copenhagen. Anyway, we have another apt with him tomorrow right before I leave.
On Saturday we had my last appointment with Ronnie. And he invited Else over again too. We had his homemade pizza, and it was really tasty. He was really sad to hear that I would be leaving. Oh yeah, one of our bikes is getting fixed, AGAIN! So we took the bus out to Ronnies place, but it was 32 kr. Which was more than we wanted to pay, so we just walked home afterwards. It was like 8 kilometers and took us an hour and a half.
Yesterday was my last day in church So I said goodbye to the ward and they seemed sad to be losing their piano player. Haha. But luckily Elder Tolman plays a little bit and he can figure them out.
Last night I started packing and getting ready to go. I hate packing! I always put it off. I hope I’ll have room for all my stuff. I’ve gained a lot of stuff while I’ve been here.
So the plan for tomorrow is after our apt with Dalsgaard, we will go get on a train around 4 to Copenhagen. From there I will get on another train with Elder Williamson and the two of us will head over to Jylland. That will be fun. It is only us two who are moving from Sjælland to Jylland. We’ll spend the night in Frederacia and then I’ll meet up with McCleary and we will go to Herning. Oh did I tell you we get a car? Other than that I don’t really know much about the area.
I’ll finish this up. I have a few pictures for you, the first 3 are my new planner. Can you believe another 6 weeks has gone by?? It always goes so fast! Be careful, the second one has some blood and gore. Then the next picture.. Tolman wanted to decorate his own planner and this is what happened. Then there are some comparison pictures for how much shorter my paper chain is getting. And the last one is one last picture of me with Ronnie and Else.
Thanks for the pictures you sent. That dog of C and R’s looks fun.
I can’t wait to hear from you again next week!
Love Elder Tyler Lee

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