Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May 15th, 2011

Hey everyone!!
It was great hearing from you as always!
How's it going?? I hope you are having an awesome day!
First of all I want to say that I got an email from Camron today. He had some pretty exciting news!!! That is so cool that he finally proposed!! Him and Rurika are getting married!!! :D Holy Cow!!! He said the ceremony would probably be a little bit before I come home. :T lame, can't they wait an extra couple of months? Jk. That's way exciting though!
Whoah, so the mirror just fell down completely on it's own? That's weird. It's a good thing that nobody was in the way.
Thanks for the pics of Jansen and his date. That white tux he had is pretty snazzy. Thats cool they got a limo! I hope he had a fun time. I remember him telling me that he didn't really have anything planned out.
Tell Grandma and Grandpa hi! And sorry that I haven't written in awhile. I received their letter a week or two ago and I'll try to write back this week.
I have had a really good week. And it went by really fast it seems like. I'm always glad when Mondays get here quickly. It usually drags on. Being District Leader is going well. I haven't had too much extra responsibility. We had a lot of spits this week though. First on Tuesday we had the Zone leaders come over, and we got a lot of good work done. In just that one day we cranked out 7 lessons (which is pretty dang good) And we handed out 3 Book of Mormons, and got 4 potential investigators. So that was our Zone Leader splits. Wednesday we biked out to a city and we made a stop by the yellow fields! They have bloomed! They are so cool! We also went back to that pink church and were able to go inside it. We found out that the church was made in the 1100's! Crazy huh?! It had some really weird paintings all over the ceiling.
On Thursday we went to Slagelse for splits and also to say goodbye to Elder Roth. He is going home tomorrow! It was fun. We got some good work done and we also ate some GIANT burgers!! They were way good and way huge!
On Saturday we had an appointment with Ronnie. It was raining way hard and we had to bike a half hour in the pouring rain to get there. But it was a nice appointment. He invited his friend Else over as well and now she is a new investigator. She already knows a lot about the church because of Ronnie. So although he is no longer a member, he is doing some great missionary work.
Yesterday evening we had an eating appointment with our mission leader and his wife. Finn Korgaard.
Well those are the highlights of my week. Wanna see some pics? The first few are from the yellow fields of course then there are some from the Tingsted Church. I took some pictures of the weirdest paintings. There are some guys stabbing children and babies for some reason, and then some more baby stabbing, I think that one is a circumcision.. I think the pictures are kinda funny just how nobody has any emotion in any of the pictures. There is also a blasphemic picture of me preaching from the stand. Then after those pictures there is another I Love Mom graffiti we found. This one is Osama and his mommy.. Then there are our giant burgers. Mine was 650 grams, and Tolman went all out and got the 930 gram burger. Yes we finished it all.. The final picture is me, Ronnie, and Else. Notice the big thing of ice cream on her shirt.. haha.
I'll talk to you again next week! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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