Monday, September 19, 2011

Sept. 19th, 2011

Dear family.
Hey!! How's it going? I'm doing great! How crazy is it that we are down to single digits in weeks now! It is almost done!
Everybody is coming home from their missions now. So I guess the next is Colton right? And then me?

Congrats on your silver Anniversary! That is crazy! You are so old! Happy birthday to Tani! Yeah, it is kinda weird that she is 14. And also that I am nearly 21 years old. That is fine with me that you won't really be sending me much. That would kinda be a waste. It would be nice though to maybe get a little bit of money. I'd like to get a new euro suit before I come home, and also it would probably be nice if I could get a few odds and ends to bring back for people.

Well this has been another good week. They all seem to be good weeks lately. We have been so busy, it is hard to squeeze everything in that we need to.
I think it's awesome that Annie wants me to baptize her. And in the ocean! It is probably going to be freezing cold but hopefully we'll just be able to get in and out and hurry and dry off. Her baptism is in less than 3 weeks! I'm so excited, and I can tell that she is too. She is absolutely loving church, and really becoming friends with all of the members. They are also so happy to have her.

Tuesday was a great day. Tuesdays are always good because we usually meet with Annie, and Omar and Malin. We taught Annie about the Word of Wisdom, and she said that she likes drinking wine and coffee every once in awhile, but that she would stop. :)

Also on Tuesday we had an awesome appointment with the Pearse family. We talked a lot about faith and challenged Ryan to take a leap of faith by doing all of the necessary things to get a testimony and be baptized by December. He said that is something he wants and he'd do that. So, there is going to be another baptism in Silkeborg! :D We are going to set an actual date with him tomorrow. Probably the first or second week in December. So I won't be here, but oh well.
We went to Annita on Wednesday, and she was so happy to see us. She is so funny. And she is the nicest person ever. Bitten is also doing well. By the way, her name is pronounced just like its spelled.

Thursday we went to Ã…rhus for a special training thing. That was pretty cool. But other than those things, not much other exciting stuff happened this week. Hmm, I've been having really good weeks with awesome appointments and stuff, but there isn't really too much to write home about it.

Sunday was a very interesting day at church. We were in Herning branch this time, and I can honestly say that it was probably a good thing that no investigators came that day. It was kind of a disaster. First of all, David, the guy that plays the organ showed up late. He showed up right as we were starting singing the song, and he just ran in and shouted, I'm here! And then hurried over the the organ and started playing. Then during the second talk is when it got really interesting. It was Thomas giving the talk. You have to understand what Thomas is like to understand this.. He was baptized a little over a year ago. He's a way nice guy, just a little weird. Anyway, he was up giving his talk, but he apparently doesn't know how to give a talk. He was up there for about 30 minutes rambling on about random things that had nothing to do with anything. And he kept asking questions to the crowd and to the branch president. But nobody knew if they should actually answer so they just sat their quietly and he kept asking. Finally at one point the branch president stood up and told him that its his talk, he needs to just talk and stop asking questions. But he kept doing it anyway. And then finally when he was done he closed by saying something like,''I hope you all have a good day'' and then he sat down. It was pretty weird..

Anyway, the rest of the Sunday was actually really good. We had a potluck meal after the meetings that was really good, and then after that we rode back with a couple in the ward to their house. They live about an hour away from the church by car, but they come every week. They live on a farm out in the middle of nowhere outside of a tiny little village. So we went over there and got to know them better and they showed us around. they actually have a way awesome house that is way old and it has a ton of old furniture and stuff. The wife collects porcelain dolls and they were all over the house. We ate dinner with them and then we went home.

So that was my week. Today we are just gonna play some ping pong and maybe do a little shopping, and then we are gonna go over to Mia's and hang out there. Maybe play a board game or something.
I have 3 pictures today. They are just me making a house of cards. Nothing too exciting, but better than nothing at all, right? Thanks for the pictures you sent. Jansen is looking pretty snazzy.

Have a wonderful week. See ya!!
Love Elder Tyler Lee

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