Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sep. 4, 2011

Hey there!

Thanks for the email! Want to hear something crazy?? Today I have 77 days left! That's 11 weeks! And that means that we will only have 10 more emails on my mission! Crazy huh?
First of all, thank you very much for all of the pictures from the wedding! It was fun seeing those. Everybody is looking pretty nice in their suits and dresses. Tia is getting tall! Rurika's dress is very pretty, and the cake looks delicious. Too bad I'm not in any of the pictures.. oh well. I'm excited to see the professional pics as well.
It sounds like everything is going great, and that is awesome that there is a new little cousin that's been born!
It's been another awesome week here in DK! It's true, everything seems to be falling into place. Here is another example. We are wanting to introduce Omar's family to the Pearce family because their families are so similar, and the other day we found out that they already know each other! Omar and Ryan are in the same Danish class! We are hoping that they will all become great friends.
Alright so let me tell you about the news and updates from the week. Last Monday we had a district meeting here in Hammerum, and then after that we all had a sports day together. That was really fun. We played ping pong, basketball, and handball (a very popular sport in Denmark) We didn't know the rules so we kind of made up our own version.
Annie is still doing awesome! She told us that she reads in the book of mormon every single night and it helps her sleep. The other day she said that she was reading until 3 am because she couldn't stop!! We are going over to see her again tomorrow. Omar and Malin are doing great too! They have been working on getting their marriage ready and have come up with an official date now. They are getting married on Oct. 8 and Malin will get baptized the week after! :) I'll try to get some good pictures of both. It's cool how excited they are about it now! Before it kinda seemed like it wasn't so important to do right away, but now that they are moving on it, they are both so excited! Speaking of that family, it is cool seeing how much Melissa has grown. When I first came she was just barely starting walking, and now she is running all over the place and now she talks too.
Well I think that is the update with our most positive investigators. Hmm what else have we done this week? On Friday we found out that the church was having an open house thing and they told us to come, so we did but nobody showed up. So me and McCleary ended up playing close-your-eyes pictionary for an hour. That was fun. After we were done there we caught a train to Århus to go there for splits. In Århus me and Elder Feil went to the church to translate some meeting they were having there and there were a few people at the meeting from Aalborg. It was fun talking to them and catching up with them. We came back Saturday evening.
Sunday was fast Sunday again. Only 2 more left. I'm always surprised with the little branches in Denmark with how they are able to fill up all the time with their testimonies. I was waiting for a pause so I could go up but it never came. After church we went over to Mia's place and spent some time with her and a couple of her friends. We played a quiz game and it was so hard because it was in Danish. But it was way funny because it seemed like the only questions I was getting right were the ones about Denmark. Mia was very surprised that I knew those answers. It was funny she was like, I'm danish and I don't even know those answers! It was mostly luck..
This next week is going to be good too. If you don't remember, this is the week that Elder Bednar is coming to speak with us!! We are going to Copenhagen on Wednesday and he is going to talk to us missionaries for 3 hours! I'm way excited! I will for sure tell you all about that. Oh we are also excited for it because Elder McCleary is going to get a new bike while we are over there so we don't have to walk around everywhere anymore (I've gotten blisters on my feet)

Well have an incredible week and have fun in St George! I miss you a whole bunch! See ya soon!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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