Wednesday, September 7, 2011

July 31, 2011

Hey everyone!

That was weird. I went to the computer today, and there wasn't an email from you. That is definitely a first. But it's ok. You are probably pretty busy with wedding plans and all.
Well let me tell you a little about my week. The nice weather didn't last long. The rain is back! grrrr. It always ruins our plans. You heard about my last pday already. it was so cool. After we emailed we walked around and shopped a bit. I got a couple of sweet ties. They are flat on the bottom.
Tuesday I had to eat soooo much. We had an appointment with an African lady named Annie at 12:30, so we ate lunch right before. Well, then she decided to surprise us with lunch. And she is the type of person who insists that we eat more and more until it is all gone. I was already full before we started and I had to eat like 3 plates. I wanted her to leave the room or something so I could take the rest of the food on my plate and throw it over the fence. Haha.
We've also had appointments with a lot of our other investigators. We've spent a lot of time in Silkeborg, and those days are always good. On Thursday we had dinner with Omar and Malan and there kids, and also Omar's mom was there from Spain. It was one of the funnest appointments I've had. Their kids are so fun. Lukas brought out all these toy instruments and had us practice with him in a band, and then after dinner we put on a concert for the others.
We had splits with the district leader. Elder hardy and Ã…rsnes came over and we had some fun and got some work done.
Hmm, this really hasn't been the most exciting week. Mia got home from Sweden. She had been there for 2 weeks to a Mormon party like efy but for 18-30 year olds. She is so excited for the church! She said it was the best party she has ever been to. It's cool seeing how much the church changes her life, and how happy she is becoming.
Oh yeah I thought of something else. On Saturday we had a big church cleanup work day. The church building was being attacked by trees and bushes. You couldn't even read the sign in front because it was covered by a tree. So we helped cutting down trees, cleaning the church, and painting a shed. The church is looking so much better now.
Hmm, well that is all that I can think of. I have those pictures from Himmelbjerg for you today. It's only letting me attach 10 at once, so I'll send a couple more right after.
Have a great week!! See ya soon! Bye!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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