Wednesday, September 7, 2011

July 24th, 2011

Hey there! :)

First of all, Hey Tani, Thanks for the email!!! I'm glad that you are so excited and have been having such a great time!! That camp of yours sounds like a blast. I always enjoyed scout camps and things like that. I'm excited to see you in a few months! It's gonna be weird to see how much you and Tia have changed.

I am doing great!! I hope you are doing good too. I've been thinking a lot about coming home, and I'm so soo excited, but I'm also sad. I've been hear so long that it is gonna be hard to leave. I'm really gonna miss so many people, and also the danish food. :) But it is going to be so great to see everybody again! I can't wait!
I know, it's crazy what happened in Norway?? There was a bombing and also a shooting a little ways away. There were a lot of people who were killed. It's so terrible what some people chose to do. It is really shocking to everyone hear in Denmark, because that kind of thing never happens here, and Norway is so close and so similar to them. Today everyone in Scandinavia had a moment of silence at noon to respect the people who were killed.
We have been really busy lately. We always have so much going on, but that is always a good thing. it's a bummer because we can never play soccer golf. We keep planning on doing it every pday, but it is always crummy weather, its ridiculous. We are in July and I've had to wear a coat for the past 3 weeks! It seriously has been raining every single day. I don't know if I told you about this or not, a week or so ago there was a ton of major flooding in the Copenhagen area because of all the rain. Everyone's basements were flooded and the streets and railroads were too. It caused millions of dollars in damage. It would've been interesting to be serving over there. The missionaries apartments were flooded too. Anyway, I'm ready for some sunshine and good weather! Until then we will just be playing a lot of ping pong for pdays. That's always fun too.
I know! I'm so excited for Elder Bednar! It's gonna be so cool. He has always been one of my favorites to listen to, and it's going to be awesome to be able to be so upclose and personal with him. I'll let you know all about it. I didn't know that he came and visited Camrons mission when he was there!
I'm so happy for Jennifer's mom too! Baptisms are always so great! It's so awesome when someone you know accepts the church and the gospel and is changed and blessed by it. It always makes all the hard work worth it. They are planning on visiting utah sometime in the future and also stopping by to visit me perhaps. That would be way fun! I told her that my mom is always happy for guests, and that we could take her around to some of the sights in the area.
Whoah, Rurika and Camron are having their wedding in one month! It's coming so fast! I'm excited to hear about how it goes. Hey here is something interesting. Elder McCleary has an older brother who is getting married next month too.
Well, ya wanna hear a bit more about my week? Well, last pday we didn't really do much other than email and play ping pong and relax a bit. Then on tuesday we worked over at Inge's on our big project. We thought we were gonna finish and we probably could have, but we ran out of stinkin bricks! So know we have to wait to get some more. Oh guess what! While we were working there I got stung by a bee! }:-( Dumb bee. It got all swollen up and then later itched way bad.
Wednesday was Interviews. Those are always fun, because its a good chance to talk one on one with president, but it's also a good chance to just hang out with the other missionaries while president is interviewing the others.
Thursday was a Silkeborg day, and those are always good. We met with the pearce family, and they said that they are going to be coming to church next week to hear our talks. We also met again with Omar and Malan and their family. This is awesome because this is really the first time on my mission that I've been able to teach families! And those are always the best. Omar and Malan have promised to actually set a date for their marriage within the next couple weeks, and then we will actually be able to set a baptismal date as well.
Friday and Saturday I can't really think of any noteworthy things that happened. Oh except for the crazy drunk guy that squirted invisible ink on my shirt. He saw us and ran over to us and they squirted all this stuff on my white shirt and started laughing and we kept walking. Then he ran and caught us and was like, it's fake it's fake, see... haha
Then Sunday was talk day number one. Get this, I had to prepare the sacrament, bless the sacrament, give a talk, and translate the other talk. We get called on for a lot... But the talks went well. It was just me and McCleary who were speaking. He took about 13 minutes on his and then I was left with like 25 minutes.. I was able to take up 20 of them and we ended a minute or two early. Now we are all warmed up for next week in Silkeborg.
We were invited over to dinner yesterday by some members and they gave us some chocolate cake that they made, it was way good. They gave us the extra to take home. Ya know what's way good? Have you ever tried cake in milk? You put the cake in a bowl and poor some milk over it. It is one of the best things ever! It's definitely the best way to eat cake. I think I learned that from Landon.
Hmm, well that is all. I don't have any pictures of me, but it has been another 6 weeks, and that means that I decorated a new planner! Woohoo! I really like this one. Let me know what you think. I also have a short video of Melissa. :)
I hope you have a super amazing week! See ya so soon!

Love Elder Tyler Lee.

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