Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aug. 13, 2011

Hey Y'all!!

Hey, How are you? Don't worry at all about not getting an email to me last week. I'm sure you took it harder than me. And don't worry Mom, there was another email waiting for me so I had something to read. :) I also understand that you have all been really busy with wedding planning. That is understandable. I'm so excited to get pictures from their wedding. It is so close, less than 2 weeks! Oh yeah, I received their wedding announcement the other day. I can't believe he is getting married! I'm sure it's gonna be fun for you to have a house full of guests for the next couple weeks. By the way, Elder McCleary's bro got married on Saturday!
Well I'm really glad that you enjoyed all those pictures. It's weird how some weeks there is just so much to take pictures of, but then other weeks there is absolutely nothing.
That campout that you went on sounds really fun! Ya you are right, Me and Chelsey did go on that hike to Stewart Falls one time. It is a nice little hike. Not to tough, and the waterfalls at the end are really cool.
Well There is some big news from this week that I need to tell you about. Remember that African lady, Annie that I told you about? Well let me tell you about our last appointment with her. It was last Tuesday, we went over there and this time we didn't eat beforehand because we expected her to have food for us again. She did. And again we had to eat soooo much. It tasted good though. Anyway during the meal we were talking and she made fun of McCleary's acne, and told me that my brother's marriage won't last.. What the heck? But then, we started teaching her, and from there on out, everything changed and went way well. We taught her about the holy ghost, and after she asked us for a priesthood blessing. So we gave her one of course, and after that she seemed so excited. She then told us that it is time that she gets baptized! She told us that she wants to set a goal to be baptized before the two of us leave, so we set a date for October 1st! Woohoo! She seemed so excited for that! We are going over there tomorrow to tell her more about what she needs to do before she is able to be baptized.
We've also discussed with Omar and Malan about when they are going to get married. At first they told us that it would probably be in December, because that is when they have vacation. So I said; well it's up to you two, but I go home in November and I would love to be there, if that can changes anything. And they said; Ya know, actually we could get married as soon as possible, and then have a big reception later so family and friends could be there. So that is the plan. They will get married soon. And Malan can be baptized shortly after.
Those are the 2 biggest highlights of the week. We didn't really do to much other exciting things.
On Saturday we had a cooking day with Mia. It was way fun, and delicious. :) She taught us how to make 4 different danish dishes! Frikadeller, Farsbrød, Boller i Karry, and Karbonader. And the best thing about it is they are really easy to make. I'll have to make it for you and teach you to some day.
Oh yeah there was also this cool band that we saw. We were riding down the street and we heard some music so we went towards it and found a free concert. So we watched for a few minutes. It was funny, they have a keyboardist that really gets into the music. I actually really liked their music. They are called Ole Frimer Band, You should look this up. or this one if you want to see the crazy keyboardist. His solo starts about at 3 minutes. Its so funny. But he is actually way good.
Hmm, well I don't think that I have anything to report today. So I'll finish this up. I have a couple pictures for you. First is a picture of my VDR ring. I figured out a cool new technique for coloring it, where I use crayons and fire. And then is my new Dyne cover! Isn't it awesome?!
Have a wonderful week!!!! I miss you! Bye for now!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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