Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hi from Dad and the gang!

Hey Tyler,

We figured it was about time I (your Dad) did a little letter writing instead of Mom all the time. I think Mom might still be writing you a snail-mail letter. Always enjoy your emails and hearing about everything about Denmark and your investigators and experiences. I guess here in a few days you or your comp will be heading somewhere else, eh? Hope that works out well for both of you.

Congratulations on your acceptance to BYU! That's awesome. We'll get working on that paperwork so everything is good to go for you down the road.

Well this last week has been a bit of a sad one for Camron and Jansen. At about the same time they both broke up with their girlfriends so they've both been no-so-happy campers. Cam made a spontaneous road trip and started driving south and ended up at the Grand Canyon. But it seemed to be what he needed as he was doing better after his time on the road. It's tough since he's so involved at Snow with the Asians and it's a pretty small, close-knit group so he's having to figure out how to deal with all of that and still being around Rurika. Jansen is doing pretty good but it's hard for him sometimes because he's in some of the same classes and hangs around with the same friends as his "old" girlfriend. I'm sure they'll both be OK after a while.

Hey one thing I was wondering about Denmark - how come they stink so bad at the Olympics? Are they not so great athletes or are there just not the mountains there like in the other Scandinavian countries so they're not the great skiers so much?

Been an interesting week with the condo - we've been booking reservations right and left lately. Almost the entire month of March and half of April is booked. We just got setup with our first "paid" advertising website - VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) and alot of the recent stuff has come through that. It was funny on one of the bookings when they first called and Mom answered the phone she could tell right off it was a guy we both know from childhood days from Ephraim. This guy used to ump all the ballgames for years and has a very distinct speech impediment. One of those small world moments. This week Bishop Bowman and family are staying there.

We that's about it for me. Take care Tyler and keep doing your best and the Lord will bless you. Now Mom will add a few more tidbits.....


Hey Tyler,

I have to say hi too! I have the papers you need for your deferment. I will get them off to you. I think you just need to sign them and send them in. That's cool to get accepted to BYU. I'm glad you went through the effort to get all done before you left! It will be nice not to worry about that later!

Sally Hall from Odense wrote me the other day. She said her parents live in the London south mission. So maybe Dan or Eric, whichever one was called to that one will meet them. Sally said she is looking forward to meeting you and hope you get trasfered to her area sometime.

Remember Brother Hebert in our ward? He stood up to bear his testimony on Sunday and told us that he has unoperable liver cancer. He needs a new liver or he won't be here on earth a whole lot longer. It was a pretty solemn time. He asked for the faith and prayers of the members of our ward. Maybe you can add a few for him.

Sunday Tani has to give a talk in Sacrament meeting. It will be her first big talk. Her topic is The Role of The Book of Mormon. If you have any advice to give her, I'm sure she would appreciate it. Then Monday night our family will be doing FHE for the Hearthstone Mannor. We are realizing that a lot of our musical talent has moved out of the house. We will really miss your guitar playing that night. Speaking of you get to play once in a while? Hopefully not too much, but hopefully at least a bit.

That is crazy you got stranded in Frederikshavn. I guess that is just one of those missionary adventures! I'm glad you got to give the priesthood blessing. That was probably a neat opportunity. Can you believe all the things you are doing and learning? I think it is amazing! Missions are wonderful things for the investigators, the member, the missionary's family and especially the missionary! Thank you for your great example to us! We love you! Have a great day!

Love Mom

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