Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010

Hi Tyler,

We are happy to hear you were able to stay in your area! And your new companion sounds like a great guy! You will probably learn a lot from him! I like all of those good qualities you mentioned about him! What is his first name and where is he from? There are not many moms on the missionary mom site for Denmark. It would be fun if his mom was on. Tell him we feel really good about having our cute little boy under his care! :) (sorry, that's the mommy speaking.)

Speaking of the mommy speaking....your mommy will be speaking to you in May! We are looking forward to the Mother's Day phone call! But I won't worry too much about that....yet.

Your trip to Skagen sounds cool. We looked on google earth to see what it looked like around that area. We also tried to find your apartment but wasn't able to locate it yet. That's neat how the two seas crash into each other. Sounds like a good place for us to visit someday!

Today I took Tia to the eye doctor. A few weeks ago she had a doctor appointment to just make sure she is growing right and get a few immunizations. While there they did a simple eye exam. They suggested we take her to an eye doc. So today was the day. Sure enough....she needs glasses. Her vision is like 20/80. Maybe that is the reason she has so many headaches. I am hoping that glasses will cure those for her. She picked out a cute frame and her glasses will be ready in about a week. We will take a picture of her and send to you.

Tani started spring soccer today. She has never been on a soccer team but wanted to try it out. So this year she is doing that instead of softball. We are kind of sad to see her quit softball, but that is ok.

Tani and Tia did so well with their play this last week! They did 6 performances! We are all "wizarded" out now! They did it in the high school auditorium and it was at least 2/3 full each time. Everyone seemed to enjoy being in it and watching it.

Cam came up and saw part of the play, but he had to leave early because he was going to the color festival. As usual, he came home very colorful! That has got so big that they had to have 2 separate times for it this year. One at noon and one at 4:00. They said they usually order 25,000 bags of the color but this year they ordered 50,000!

Jansen and his buds are happy to have some nice spring weather once in a while. They went up to Sandy last Saturday to the skate park up there and had a great time! We are trying to get a bike rack for our van so him and his buds can go to St. George with us next week and take their bikes. He is hoping to sell his bike and use the money from that plus birthday money and some earned money to get him an even better bike! He does love biking! He is very good at it. But it's scary to watch him sometimes.

So this Sunday is Easter. What will you be doing? How often do you eat with members? Are you learning to cook a bit? What kinds of things do you eat at home? Do the members give you food for your apartment or do you go to the grocery store each week? How far away is the grocery store, do you just walk and have to carry your bags home? Are you able to buy most of the same things you would get here?

How has the month of miracles been going? It sounds like such a neat idea! Have you had your turn to be the "fasting" companionship?

We hope this past week has been good for you and Christensen and for the people you are teaching! Does each week just fly by to you? Good luck this week! Remember you are always in our prayers! Not only that, you are in lots and lots of other's prayers also! Keep working hard and doing the best you can and you will be blessed with the abilities and opportunities that Heavenly Father needs of you! You are amazing....I'm just sayin.... :)

Love you!

Love, Mom, Dad and the gang!

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