Friday, March 26, 2010

Not much from our end....

Hi Tyler,

Will this letter find you in a new area or with a new companion or both? We are looking forward to hearing of your first big change in Denmark! Last week your letter came a day late but you didn't say why. At first when we didn't hear from you at the regular time we wondered if that week was transfers. So if we don't hear from you tomorrow morning we will assume we will hear from you the next day. It's kind of a bummer when we wake up and look for your email and it's not there. But lukily we didn't have to wait a whole week, only a day. Anyway, enough rambling about that.

This week is the big week for Tani and Tia. They have been working all year on their play and it is finally time for the actual play! They get to do it four times this week. They are pretty excited. We will have to send you some pictures. Grandma and Grandpa are coming up to watch it on Thursday. Cam will try to make it up sometime too. We don't see Cam a whole lot. He is pretty busy at school and work.

Jansen went to St. George with some friends last weekend. It was Sunshine tournament down there. He said Spanish Fork High School won it for the 7th year in a row. He had fun down there and enjoyed the sun and the freedom from mom and dad.

I know you are serving in Aalborg not Randers. I was just looking at the Randers place on google map cause it was something I could locate. I would like your address so I can try to find where you are and what streets you are walking around.

You asked about Heidi having another baby. I think I told you, but maybe I forgot, unfortunately Heidi had a miscarriage. So as of right now Brielle doesn't have a sibling on the way, at least that I know of.

I noticed on Zach Clayton's blog that he has been called back to Copenhagen as a zone leader. He sounded pretty excited about that. How many zones are there in your mission?

What have you guys heard about the volcano in Iceland? We've heard a bit, but not much. We saw a few pictures, looked kind of cool.

Sorry, I'm kind of rambling....we just haven't had much going on this week to tell you about. We hope that you have had more going on and have lots to tell us!

Before I go I will attach a few photos for you. One is of the snow dino that Cam, Jansen, Tani, Tia and Rurika made over the holidays. I'm sure you will enjoy it. One is of Tani and Tia at Christmas time. I need to get a bunch of pics off of my camera. Maybe I can send some more next week. I will try to send one or two each week for you.


Love, Mom, Dad and the gang!

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