Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our week in review

Hi Tyler,

Whoa! Where did that week go? It is Tuesday night, 8:30 and we just realized it is email time again! Did this past week go that fast for you? Maybe it was that daylight savings thing that sped the week up! We ARE one hour ahead now ya know? Does Denmark do daylight savings? Church wasn't so bad with DS this year because we have the 1 o'clock time. It was Monday morning and this morning that was a little more difficult. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit easier.

That is too bad that the missionary work in Denmark is suffering at the moment. But it's nice to know things are going well in your area. Does the weather have a lot to do with the harder times? I imagine the whole country gets a little tired of cold and dark! I bet this spring will be one of the most fabulous springs ever for you as you see Denmark in a whole new light! We would love some pictures of the country and area you are in.

OK, so what the heck is an AEgtepar? (sorry, I don't know how to make my computer make your fancy letters. But I also have no idea how to pronounce it either.) We are assuming it is senior couples.

So in 2 days you will be gone for 4 months. I guess you will be experiencing your first transfer soon. Good luck with whatever goes on there. I'm sure it will be hard to say goodbye to the area if you have to go. We are anxious to find out who you will be with and where you will be. We wish we had a mission map so we could see your areas better. I have been looking on Google earth lately and zoomed in on your Randers area. The pictures I saw didn't have a bunch of snow all around though, so it probably looks a bit different to you. It's fun to try to see some of the streets you may be walking down. What is your apartment address? We could try to see it.

Tani gave her talk Sunday. She did a great job! Thanks for sending her some info and for the Preach my Gospel advice. She used everything you told her about. She also gave the talk last night at the Hearthstone Manor. Our family did the FHE for them up there. Do you remember when we did that before? We were missing your guitar skills! We did a lot of musical numbers. Piano, flute, squeezebox. The members there seemed to enjoy it all. Jansen gave a scripture and a prayer. Tani a talk and a few musical numbers. She is having fun on the squeezebox. She has picked it up really well! Tia played a piano number and dad and I filled in on a few piano/flute things. It was fun. The people seemed very receptive this time. I think they like when it is mostly musical numbers. They can hear it a little better than talks.

Saturday was a pretty well booked day. Dad and I started off with a race at BYU. Dad did the 10K and I did the 5K. We had to hurry and leave before we knew the results. There were like 2000 people that ran the 2 races. We found out yesterday that he had placed 1st in his age and I was 2nd in mine. We hurried home and got ready, grabbed the girls and headed to West Valley in a yucky snow storm to celebrate Brielle's 2nd birthday. She is sure a cute little thing! She got lots of fun presents and attention. We had a nice soup with bread bowl lunch and yummy pink sweet dessert buffet!

After the party we had to run to UVU for some piano judging for Tani and Tia. They both did a great job there. Then home to get ready to take Tani to the temple for baptisms. It was her very first time. She had a very enjoyable time. We went with John Allan and Emily and Jeff and Kellee Parkinson and their daughter, Kortney. The Allans had some family names, so even I was able to be baptized. I haven't done that since I was in high school. It was so nice to do it. Dad just told me to make sure to bend my knees so he could get me under easier. It made us think of him baptising you on the day of the flaming van! Good memories!

That is about the jist of things here at home. We hope you have had an enjoyable and successful week! Everyone asks about you all the time and wishes you the best. I was talking to Todd Sermersheim. He said they had a surprise birthday party for Cade a few weeks ago. As he was sitting there at the party his cell phone rang and he heard....."Hello Dad!" It was Colton calling from Austrailia! His first thought was that Colton was in a hospital somewhere. Colton said, don't worry dad, I'm just in an interview with the president. Colton had mentioned that it was his little brother's b-day so the president handed him his cell phone and said, call him and wish him a happy birthday, you have 2 minutes! So Colton talked to Cade then Creed then Janalee got on and he was gone! I'm sure Janalee was sad to miss the hello. But how fun was that? I thought that was kind of cool.

Anyway, we look forward to hearing from you! We love you!

Love, Mom, Dad and the gang

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