Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I think Mother Nature is BiPolar.

Hey everyone!

So yeah, the weather has just been insane lately! There was that huge snow storm that went on for a couple of days, and then it completely changed. It suddenly got warm! Just overnight it became warm and the sun has been shining and the snow is melting! I can actually see the ground for the first time! It's weird seeing Denmark without piles snow because that is the only way I've seen it up untill now. So that has been pretty exciting! I guess spring has finally decided to show up. I don't know if I told you this earlier, but this winter has been the longest, coldest, snowiest winter that Denmark has seen since i think 1985! And of course, that is what I get thrown right into.
Anyway, so our little trip to Frederikshavn actually turned into a little longer stay than we had planned. Like I said earlier, there was a huge snow storm for a few days, and that was when we were up in Frederikshavn. It was so bad that they shut down the trains and we couldn't go home! We had to stay there for 2 days longer than we originally planned! It was fun though. It's always fun seeing other missionaries. I'm actually glad that we stayed longer, because of 2 things that happened. First of all, we ate dinner with a Greenlandic woman one night. She made the best dinner that I have had here in Denmark! It was some halibut that was in some sort of stew that we put over rice. It was so good! And the other reason that I'm glad we stayed was because I had my first opportunity to give a priesthood blessing! We went to a guy's house, and he told us that he wanted a blessing, and the responsibility fell on me. It was a good experience though and I'm glad I got that chance. Oh and there is another good reason that we didn't go home when we planned. We found out that there was some stupid Aalborg erotica festival thing going on outside the train station right when we had originally planned to get home. So it is definitely a good thing that we were held up in Frederikshavn.
Well, we are now back here in Aalborg and have gotten back to work. I'll tell you a bit about a couple of our most promising investigators. The first is named Lei, he is a guy from Burma, probably about 35. He speaks Danish, and a bit of English. We met him on the street and he has always been super nice and inviting. After visiting his house a couple times he told us that he wants us to visit him every single day. hahaha. We've been trying our best to. Anyway, he also wants us to teach him English, so we have been doing that as well. He is a great guy.
The next is named Bernard. He is a black guy from Cameroon about 30 years old. He is going to the University here and we contacted him at his dorm. At first he was kind of reserved and he stayed pretty quiet, but we have visited him several times, and he has opened up a ton. He says he really likes meeting with us. As he says ''I like meeting with you people. You people are good people''
And the last investigator I'll tell you about now is Celina. She is Chinese. Her real name is something crazy like Xin Yao or something like that, but she goes by Celina. She is in her late 20's. The sister missionaries before us actually started teaching her and we have just continued. She really enjoys talking with us and she told us that she feels good when she does. I really hope that these 3 continue to progress and get baptized.

Don't worry mom, its not a big deal when we split up to contact. We usually just go on opposite sides of the street and talk to people. We don't like go to opposite ends of town or anything.
Yeah, my companion is really good. He has been a great trainor and I'm glad I got put with him. Transfers are in about a week and a half, so that is when we will get split up. One of us will stay here in Aalborg and the other will go somewhere else. I really hope that I am the one to stay. I really like it here. I hear that we are the envy of the mission, being the first elders here in a long time. It's just such a great place for missionary work, and the ward is so strong in the church and just great. So yeah, I hope I can have a couple more months here.
The Ægtepar left today. They are on an airplane home right now. The ward absolutely loved them, I could tell. They threw them a big surprise party on monday and pretty much the entire ward showed up. It was fun. I'm gonna miss the Adams. The new Ægtepar comes today. They are the Jepsons. I hope they are as cool as the Adams are.
Yeah, it is awesome that both Dan and Eric are going to London! I'm not sure when they go, but I think they are actually in different missions. One is in the north and one in the south or something. Still its crazy though. Its been really fun hearing where my friends are getting called to. It'll be really weird when I start hearing about my friends getting married!
That is exciting that Mark and Jamie had their little baby! I'm happy to hear that all went well with that and everyone is doing good. Steve and Susan must be pretty excited to be Grandparents now!
Well, I guess I'll get going now. Have a great week! Bye!

Love Ældste Tyler Lee

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