Friday, March 26, 2010

I survived training!

Hey everyone!

How's it going? Sorry that you are getting my email one day late again. I know that makes you sad when you are looking forward to an email being there but it isn't. I'm trying to remember why it was a day late last week. Oh yeah, it was because of zone conference. We were in Århus on wednesday for that so we emailed the next day. And this week I'm late because transfers were yesterday. And I am happy to say that I am still in Aalborg! I'm sure that I would've enjoyed wherever I went, but I'm glad that I have awhile longer here. I have a new companion though! His name is Elder Christensen. He seems like a great guy. I've been with him for less than a day, but I'm already liking him. Christensen is way tall. He is like 3 inches taller than me. Christensen likes everything super clean. Actually the first thing we did when we got back to our appartment was have a cleaning party. haha. Elder Christensen is a runner, so we ran today for awhile and we'll probably be doing that quite a bit. Elder Christensen speaks Danish more than he speaks English. So I'm excited for that. I think that I will learn much more, and progress with my Danish a ton during this transfer.

Well that is enough about him. Everything is going well with me here in Denmark. I am no longer a greenie! There are missionaries in Denmark who are bigger noobs than me! That's exciting! I haven't seen any of them yet, but there are 2 new Elders and 2 new Sisters. I'm excited to meet them, and hear there Danish, so I can maybe feel a bit better about mine ;) And yup, Elder Clayton is now a zone leader. He isn't one of my zone leaders though. There are 2 zones in Denmark (plus the iceland zone) I'm in the Jylland zone, and the other is the Sjælland zone.

That's exciting that Tani and Tia are ready to perform their play now. Too bad I can't see them this year. What play is it that they are doing this year? I forgot. I'm sure that they will do a great job. They always do.

Ok thats good that you know where I've been serving these last 2 months. I thought you were saying that you thought I was serving in Randers. Anyway, you asked about my address so you can look it up on google. It is Herluf Trolles Gade 34, 3tv, 9000 Aalborg. And there is a weird building right by it that has a pyramid on it, that is the library that I am sitting in right now.

Wow, I just can't focus right now! I have a bit of a headache, and I just can't focus on this email very well. I'll try to get it finished up though.

Oh yeah, duh, I just remembered something cool that we did this week. We went up to Skagen! It is the very tip top of Denmark. So, it is the farthest north that I have been in my life. We went up to Frederikshavn and met the elders there, and then went up to Skagen. From the train station we walked all the way to the beach. It was a lot further than we thought. There is something cool about that beach that doesn't happen in many places. There are two different seas that crash into each other there. They are both moving different directions and they run into each other right there. It was pretty cool. It was pretty cold there though, it would be fun to go there when it is a bit warmer out.

Well other than that, nothing much happened this week. Sorry, I don't really have a ton to tell you about right now. I think I'm just gonna wrap this one up for this week. Hopefully there will me more to tell you about next week. I love you. Bye

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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