Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Month of Miracles" coming up.

Hi everyone!

Yeah, this last week did go by way fast! All of the weeks seem to do that. These past 4 months have gone by way fast! Today is March 18, so I am now 4 months into my mission! That is 1/6 of the way! It's going so fast! I'm basically home! Nah, just kidding, I'm not already getting trunky, don't worry. But yeah, my training is pretty much finished! Transfers are on wednesday, and we will probably find out tomorrow what will happen with that. I'm excited to find out what will happen! And I'm really excited for the new missionaries to come in so I will no longer be the greeny. Oh that reminds me, yesterday was St Patricks day, and I didn't even know about it! Yesterday was also Zone Conference. We went to Århus and met with the rest of the missionaries in our zone. It was bad for me that zone conference was on st patty's day, because the other missionaries made sure to mention that I was green. This happened like 3 times, a missionary came up to me and said ''Hey you aren't wearing any green! It's ok, you ARE green'' anyway, just one more week of being green. Zone conference was good though. I've done so much traveling in these 2 months. I've only served in one area but I have already pretty much been everywhere in Denmark! Oh and mom, I'm serving in Aalborg, not Randers! You said you were looking on google earth at my Randers area. I've spendt a few days there on splits or pday, but my area is good ol' Aalborg. It is just north of Randers. It is the second northernmost area in the mission. It is really pretty here, especially now that the snow is pretty much completely gone! I'll email some pictures of it to you sometime soon.

You asked what the heck an Ægtepar is, I think I told you in the first email that I included that word. Yeah it means senior couple, or married couple is the actual translation. It is pronounced like 'Ekt uh par' (with a soft R) We are pretty lucky to have an Ægtepar in our area, they treat us pretty well ;)

Yeah the work hasn't been the best lately in the mission, but I think that it will start picking up as the weather improves. Also next month we are gonna do something pretty cool. Its called 'Month of Miracles' What that is, is each day in the month, one companionship will fast especially for the mission, and that there will be some miracles in the mission that day. And all of the other companionships pray for the same thing, and for the missionaries fasting. At the end of the day, the missionaries call that companionship and tell them what miracles they had that day. I think it will be cool. They said that they did it last year, and they had more success than they have seen in a long time. There were 16 baptisms in that month and they set up I think 38 baptismal dates.

Thats cool that Tani gave her first talk in sacrament meeting. Congrats on that! Thats great! I'm glad that I could help out a little bit. That's also really cool that she did baptisms for the dead for the first time! She is really growing up! That's right, last time I did baptisms for the dead, our van exploded! Hahaha! Thats actually kinda funny that you mentioned the burning van, cuz Chelsey also mentioned it in her letter to me today. Her car started smoking so she pulled off the side of the road and she was worried that it would burst into flames.

Sounds like the FHE at Hearthstone went great! I'm sure they love having the Lee family come over, with all of their musical talent! Sorry I couldn't be there to share some of my guitar playing, but is sounds like you had plenty of musical numbers and stuff without me. Speaking of that, there is a talent show that they're having here in Aalborg next month. I'll perform something in it if I don't get transfered.

Wow, you really had a busy Saturday! It sounds like an exciting and fun day! Congrats on you and dad's races!
That is crazy that Brielle is 2 already! Are they having another baby? I think I might've heard that she is pregnant again, but I don't remember. If so, that'll be exciting to meet they're new baby, and also Jamie's baby and any other babies that are born while I'm here.

Oh yeah, Alice in Wonderland was really good! It was way fun to see that. It was in English, so that was good. It had Danish Subtitles, which would usually bug me, but it was ok because they were floating a few feet outside of the screen. It was in 3D. Have any of you seen that movie? Or are there any other movies that have come out recently that have been good?

Every wednesday night and sometimes monday we have sports night at the church. It's been way fun. We just meet there with some of the guys in the ward and shoot some hoops or play some floor hockey. It's way fun playing some sports every once in awhile. It can get way competitive sometimes, which is fun. I really like when we play basketball, because Danish people just aren't the best at B-ball, so they think me and Dalton are way good. haha. Floor hockey is also way fun. Last night it was way close, but I scored the game winning goal. Just sayin...

Hmm, well I think I'll wrap this one up. Everything is going great here. I'm just livin' the dream! It's so cool being able to understand what people say! I don't understand everything of course but I understand so much more than before. Well, I miss you all and jeg elsker dig. Bye.

Love Ældste Tyler Lee

Oh yeah, p.s. We do have daylight savings time here, but I think it starts next week.

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