Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hi from Randers

Hey Everyone!

How's it goin'? I'm doing good! I'm actually in Randers again today! We went to the Regnskov again! Last time we went we got the year passes so we can go back as much as we want all year! We had Interviews yesterday in Århus and that went well. I always like doing things like that because its fun seeing the other missionaries in the area. Randers is in between Århus and Aalborg, so we stopped here for the day. We are here with the Randers Elders and the Frederikshavn Elders. It's kinda like a celebration for Elder Ribble, because today is his 1 year in the land mark. So we need to party with him. The Regnskov was way fun again! We saw all of our good animal friends and all, and I got some more pictures and videos.

Hmm, so whats else has been going on here? Its always so hard when I sit down at the computer and try to think of what I did during the week. It's always just a blur. With two of the investigators that I told you about last time, Celina and Lei, we tried to set up baptismal dates with them, but they both said that they would think about it and we could talk with them about it later. I really think that both of them will get baptized eventually. It's just a matter of time. Man, but that guy Lei, he loves us! He loves when we go over to meet with him, and I can tell that it always crushes him when we say we have to go. He has a guitar, and I played him a few songs, and he loved it. He asked me if I play electric guitar and I told him yes and then he said he was gonna buy an electric guitar for me so I could play it. Hahaha, we had to insist that he doesn't do it. We were like, ''Lei, thats really nice of you, but I can't accept an electric guitar from you'' haha, He is awsome!

The work is going really well for us right now, well for us in Aalborg, the mission overall is really suffering right now. We found out that the entire mission right now only has 1 single baptismal date! That is sad. President told us yesterday in interviews that he was really proud of what we are doing up in Aalborg, and he wants us to keep working hard and see if we can get a baptism or two.

Not really anything else has happened this week. Transfers are coming up pretty soon. It's weird that my training is already almost over! Soon the new missionaries are gonna come in and I won't be the biggest noob here anymore! I'm excited for that! I really hope that I stay in Aalborg for a bit longer, but I have no idea what will happen. I'm sure whatever happens is what is supposed to happen and I'll be happy with wherever I go.

Oh yeah, the new Ægtepar moved in. They got her at about 10:30 thursday night and we had to go help them move in. They seem like great people so far and I think it'll be good to have them here. They already seem to be getting along with the ward members really well, and they seem like they are eager to do missionary work, and I think they will really be able to help us out with ours.

Yup, its pretty cool that I got accepted to BYU! That'll be cool having that waiting for me when I go home. Thanks for taking care of all that stuff that goes along with it. And just let me know if there is anything that I need to do. It's kinda funny, cuz Elder Dalton has been really busy getting stuff ready for school, cuz he goes home in 4 months. He's been really stressed about all of that, and I told him, ''I'm glad that I don't have to worry about all of that college stuff right now'' and then later that day I saw that I had an email from BYU saying that I was accepted, and I thought, ''Dang, maybe I will have to worry about that stuff right now!''

About the electronic dictionary, I still might get one, but I might not. I haven't looked much for one, but It's hard to find one that is what I'm looking for. Since Danish isn't a very popular language its hard to find one that has a lot of Danish words and all. But if I see something that seems like what I want and its not too expensive I'll probably get it.

That's too bad for Camron and Jansen. That's probably hard for them. Especially for Camron and Rurika, they seemed pretty serious. I'm sure they will get over it though and be able to move on.

Hahaha! I don't know why Denmark has such lousy athletes! Did they even win any medals at all? They are kinda pathetic when It comes to that. I guess it could be something to do with the lack of mountains. Denmark has absolutely no mountains at all. Its just flat. I'm sure it will be really weird for me when I come back home to be surrounded by huge mountains. Norway however has a ton of mountains, and a lot of people from Denmark go on skiing trips there. They are just not good athletes though I guess.

Oh yeah, I got the package from you! Thank you! It was exciting to get my first package here in Denmark! The treats were way good. I really liked the Reese's! You just can't get Reese's here, or any good peanut butter. It was also good to hear a bit from you again on the tape. You weren't lying when you said its just gonna be quick, it was really short. But its better than nothing. Tani sounded great on the piano! She is getting really good! I'll record some stuff on it eventually and send it back to you. This time I'll try to remember to just send the tape and not the whole tape player.
Oh yeah, and speaking of Tani, that is cool that she is giving a talk in Sacrament meeting. I bet she is a bit nervous but I'm sure she will do great. The Role of The Book Of Mormon. That is a good topic. I can give a bit of advice on that topic. As missionaries, The Book of Mormon, along with the Holy Ghost, are our most powerful tools. It is so important because it confirms truth, and testifies of Christ. We work so hard to get people to read and pray about The Book of Mormon, because we know that if they do, they will get a testimony that it really is the word of God. And once they know that, everything else falls into place. It proves that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God, and that all he did to reestablish the Church was by the authority from God. And it confirms that this is the true church of Christ again on the earth. That is a bit of what I've learned about it in my short time as a missionary. Do you have a Preach My Gospel book? My old one should be there. Tani should look in the Chapter about the Book of Mormon. It has a ton of good stuff about the role of the Book of Mormon. Good luck Tani!

Well I'm gonna split. See ya later!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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